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tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix) – chet porter

May 2, 2016


Let’s have something chill today. Kidswaste‘s remix of Chet Porter certainly fits that bill. Starting off with a whisper, this track introduces strings and laidback synths before a relaxed drum roll joins in with sweet male vocals, sung in harmony with a pitched up set of vocals. It’s tentative and sweet and exact. Every note and beat and snap seems chosen to calm and warm the listener. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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Infinite High (Bee’s Knees Remix) – Panama Wedding

March 8, 2016

Bee's Knees

Panama Wedding’s vocals always sound energetic, but with a hint of hoarseness that makes me think they’re recovering from a loud and fun night of karaoke. When combined with tropical synths and melodies, these vocals practically carry a smile through the speakers. Bee’s Knees recognize this quality in their remix and work to enhance that mood. Their version speeds the song up just enough to give the song the liveliness to match the funky quality of the house background. They flirt with tropical house as well as disco house on this track and it’s a very good coupling. Enjoy it.

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The Light Would Work For You – nimino

February 15, 2016

nimino - Photo taken by Ryan Fitz Photography

nimino has made some of my favorite chill music. It always sounds fresh and unhindered by genre convention. This latest track is one such track. It makes use of a crooning vocal distorted by taking the style of Kanye in “808s and Heartbreaks” to a level where the vocals express emotion without any intelligible words. This song pours out emotion. Opening with simple piano, the stage is set starkly, simply sad, while the vocals add a tender reverberating sense of loss. After nearly two minutes, nimino adds a drum section, a gentle rhythm that buoys the melody without overwhelming it. It’s practically a Drum & Bass rhythm, but more relaxed. Then a hint of tropical flavor is added with a gentle marimba line. It’s a gorgeous, emotional track that invites listeners rather than demands. I hope it starts your week off with a sense of calm.

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