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Sapient Dream – Slushii

July 27, 2016

Slushii (Photo by Donslens)

Here’s a bit of calm for your week. Slushii starts this song minimal, a staccato treble setting the stage before dropping a bit of a trap rhythm. Then a pitched up vocal swoops in, singing ambient soaring notes. It’s a moment of peace, a relaxed song that invites you to let go for the moment and take a deep breath before continuing on. Enjoy it.

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Darling (Ft. Missio) – Said The Sky

July 22, 2016

Said The Sky

From the very start this track wants to lift you up and put you in a good mood. With a whisper of wind and birdsong, the song fades in and a keyboard begins gently before the driving drum line enters. Said The Sky made this beautiful, bright-eyed, chirping song and it’s one of my favorites. The amount of cheerful wide-eyed whimsy in this song never fails to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Gorgeous earnest male vocals contrast nicely with the pitched vocal samples as they sing the tale of the glory of new love through the eyes of a pair of ingenues. Trap drum rolls stutter like a too fast heartbeat or a caught breath; the sample of a laugh captures a frozen moment of surprised delight. This is a love song that makes you feel. Savor it.

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Bone Crusher – Tha Trickaz

May 18, 2016

Tha Trickaz

I post a lot of chill trap. Here’s some trap that is definitely not chill. Tha Trickaz named this track “Bone Crusher” and from that you can rightly expect aggression and loud sound. It’s a trap track that draws more from aggressive and angry hip-hop instrumentals than from the electro tradition, but the electro is there. It sounds like someone made a hip-hop instrumental but wanted more distortion, more edge. The vocals are deep and rough and threaten, or perhaps promise, to crush your bones. If you’ve been looking for some powerful and slightly misanthropic music, this is the track for you.

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So Bad (EDWYNN x TIKAL X Spirix Remix) – Brandon Skeie

May 13, 2016

Brandon Skeie

EDWYN X TIKAL and Spirix gave this emotional track a powerful new instrumental hook to match the drama of the vocals. Chopping up and sampling the word “you” adds weight to the longing in the song while the synths swell and the trap beat joins to add energy. Give it a listen and enjoy it!

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Never Forget You (Shoolz Remix) – Zara Larsson & MNEK

May 4, 2016

Zara Larsson

Shoolz builds this track steadily, starting with vocals and simple synth lines before eventually breaking into rippling future synths along with soaring synths reminiscent of a wailing electric guitar. It’s a strong song, one that keeps its forward momentum even during the brief moments that it drops its driving percussion to highlight vocals. These vocals may be my only complaint with this song, their sound quality quiet and full of reverb. Perhaps this was the cost of getting the vocals out of the original track. If so, it was worth it. This song is stellar and well worth a listen. Enjoy!

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You Got Me – IDestiny & RonPon

April 29, 2016

IDestiny (Photo by Cagle Johnson Photography)

It’s Friday again! And that means I want something celebratory and dance-able to put you all in the right mood for the weekend. IDestiny and RonPon provide this for us today. Their collaboration is filled with happy synth lines, sounds evoking water drips and drops, and chopped and screwed vocals used as one of several hooks. This has a lot of the same musical sensibilities you get in the realm of happy hardcore, but its rhythms are laidback trap. It’s catchy, it’s happy, and it’s what’s for breakfast. Enjoy the happy trap!

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Contrast – Alexander Lewis

April 27, 2016

Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis put together an incredible ride for us in this song. The track starts off quiet, evoking a ticking clock, adding urgency before even adding volume intensity. But soon he adds foot stomping chords and rhythms that place this song somewhere between trap and glitch, drawing on the crunchy sounds of 8-bit and reverb. In case you weren’t sure the trap rhythms were really there, Lewis throws in an undeniably trap section around 1:50, aggressive and featuring male vocals shouting in vaguely dog-like “ruff”s. This is a triumphant melding of trap and electronic, in an unpredictable and satisfying package. Check it out.

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