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Beautiful Light – Uppermost

July 20, 2016


It’s Wednesday. For me that means it’s time for some chill music that will get me going and in a relaxed mood. Uppermost provides. The song starts off with a vocal sample and soon gains a casual drum line that always reminds me of a loping run. Added samples weave in and out of each other, making the song jazzy with the aid of reverb and a lovely relaxed backing tune. The vocal samples give the song a couple different hooks, starting with one, breaking into a second about halfway through. And then at one point the sample is allowed to break out of the loop, revealing that the source is Michael Jackson’s vocals from “Say Say Say.” I couldn’t say with any certainty whether the sampled hooks are all from the same song, chopped and screwed as they are. All in all it’s a lovely song, relaxing and beautiful with a hint of nostalgia. I hope this helps smooth out your hump day!

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Safe Till Tomorrow (feat. Angelika Vee) [Lash Remix] – Morgan Page

July 15, 2016


Lash took Morgan Page’s rather beautiful, but fairly subdued, song “Safe Till Tomorrow,” and turned it into an energetic track, with a strong house beat peppered with syncopation from the future house tenor synth and led by a soulful chopped-and-screwed vocal sample. It starts out quiet, with leashed power growling beneath a sweet exterior, but drops into frenetic energy with the hook. While the song is beautiful, it holds a large amount of tension. This song nails the frantic energy of dancing away your cares, but knowing in the back of your head that tomorrow, they’ll still need to be dealt with. Enjoy the song and enjoy the weekend!

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Freeze Time (Kenway & WildVibes Remix) – Manse Feat. Alice Berg

June 16, 2016


I’ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks and I will continue to be for the next few weeks. But I hope to have gotten back to my normal posting schedule by the second week of July. In the meantime, here’s a gorgeous house anthem that Kenway and WildVibes made together in this remix. Alice Berg’s sweet vocals ride the instrumental like a wave, bringing vulnerability and hope and wonder with it. The instrumental hook is a tweaked version of the original that gets rid of some of the syncopation by adding notes, turning a bouncing, implied tune into a decisive, declarative tune, with the rhythm of a trotting horse. It’s a significant change to the tune but it’s done with surgical precision, leaving the bones of the song in place, still clearly recognizable. Enjoy it!

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So Bad (EDWYNN x TIKAL X Spirix Remix) – Brandon Skeie

May 13, 2016

Brandon Skeie

EDWYN X TIKAL and Spirix gave this emotional track a powerful new instrumental hook to match the drama of the vocals. Chopping up and sampling the word “you” adds weight to the longing in the song while the synths swell and the trap beat joins to add energy. Give it a listen and enjoy it!

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Never Forget You (Shoolz Remix) – Zara Larsson & MNEK

May 4, 2016

Zara Larsson

Shoolz builds this track steadily, starting with vocals and simple synth lines before eventually breaking into rippling future synths along with soaring synths reminiscent of a wailing electric guitar. It’s a strong song, one that keeps its forward momentum even during the brief moments that it drops its driving percussion to highlight vocals. These vocals may be my only complaint with this song, their sound quality quiet and full of reverb. Perhaps this was the cost of getting the vocals out of the original track. If so, it was worth it. This song is stellar and well worth a listen. Enjoy!

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tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix) – chet porter

May 2, 2016


Let’s have something chill today. Kidswaste‘s remix of Chet Porter certainly fits that bill. Starting off with a whisper, this track introduces strings and laidback synths before a relaxed drum roll joins in with sweet male vocals, sung in harmony with a pitched up set of vocals. It’s tentative and sweet and exact. Every note and beat and snap seems chosen to calm and warm the listener. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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Touch Ft. Madi (DLMT Remix) – KSHMR And Felix Snow

April 22, 2016


Ready for a bit of a weekend, folks? Allow DLMT  to snare you and push you into the mood for dancing. From the dramatic house opening to its conclusive finish, this track keeps the listener engaged. When the insistent rhythm of the intro drops, the hushed vocals sound urgent, calling the listener closer and hurrying them forward to the drop. When that drops, it’s powerful and bouncy, not in a cheerful way but deep and resonant enough to be more manic and fey, drawing you into the dance and the dark. DLMT took a track  from KSHMR and Felix Snow that was part trap, part electro, part twerk and turned it into a dark deep house track with an incredible new hook. It’s worth several listens and several weekends.

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