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Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXX

January 9, 2015

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Good lord! Has it really been a year since my last mashups post? Clearly this is sorely needed. And Friday is the perfect day for mashups – a time to hype up with pop music in a new fun format. Ready for the weekend? This should help.

Let’s start with something a bit ridiculous and party friendly! Titus Jones combined Avril Lavigne, Lesley Jones, a Cash Cash remix of Katy Perry, 50 Cent, and Spice Girls for to make a hyper-powered pop mashup. It’s beautiful, girly, and over the top in all the right ways. I would totally dance like a doofus to this one. What about you? Check it out!

Wannabe At My Birthday Party? – Titus Jones / Or from SoundCloud

Trademark also utilized a bit of Cash Cash in this lovely mashup. Trademark knows how to make a beautiful mashup, pulling together gorgeous female vocal hooks from several songs and placing them according to their differing moods to shape a song. All of this is coordinated while maintaining consistency with a gorgeous progressive house instrumental. Enjoy it.

Take Tonight (Cash Cash x Zedd x NONONO x Nico Cipriano) – Trademark / Or from SoundCloud

Now let’s chill it out for a bit with a mashup from the Fabulous Beatmashers. This beat from Mr. Probz made the rounds this summer and while simple, it is really catchy and exudes a casual cool. Snoop Dogg’s West Coast rap style is a good fit for it and the samples from Fatboy Slim put it over the edge. Check it out.

Drop Mr. Probz Waves (Champion Sound) – Mr. Probz vs. Snoop Dogg / Or from Facebook

Here’s another laid back mashup from Kosher Kittens. Combining Passion Pit with Milky Chance effortlessly, this is one of those mashups that just works. Guitar sample meets vocals. Give it a listen.

Stolen Away (Passion Pit X Milky Chance) – Kosher Kittens

Next up, lobsterdust has a funky mashup for you. With a fun and funky instrumental from Alex Metric & Oliver, lobsterdust adds Trey Songz’s vocals with just the right combination of smoothness and attitude to fit. When sings his hook of “Na Na Na” it lines up perfectly with piano hook from the instrumental. Enjoy the sexiness.

NaNaxy (Trey Songz vs. Alex Metric & Oliver) – lobsterdust / Or from SoundCloud

Building upon a relaxed yet alert instrumental Mashup-Germany pulls together material from seven different tracks and adds instrumentation to even it all out. The snippets of Eminem and and Coldplay complement each other perfectly while the drama of the instrumental grows. Check it out!

Call it magic – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

One album this year that made me very happy was Porter Robinson’s. Apparently the The Hood Internet agreed. They brought Porter together with Beyoncé in their signature style of unlikely pairings that work better than you ever might have thought and make you start dreaming of impossible collaborations. Both Porter and Beyoncé put out albums that fly in the face of pop conventions, or at least ignore many of them, and they combine here beautifully. They both rise and fall an impressive range and that is lined up flawlessly for display here. Give it a listen!

DiviniXO (Beyoncé vs Porter Robinson) – The Hood Internet / Or from their Website

BONUS: Here to help you celebrate the new year and wave farewell to the old is Mashup-Germany‘s mashup of 2014. 70 songs in six minutes, not bad. I hope your New Year is wonderful and your weekend is ushered into awesomeness with the discovery of some of these mashups. Enjoy and have a good one!

Top of the Pops 2014 (Days and Nights) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook


Little Bandit – The Heydaze

July 9, 2014

The Heydaze
We’ve had a lot of electronic dance music on here lately, not that I object, but I thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who wants something a bit more traditional. How about some summer-y pop rock? I was also introduced to The Heydaze in Fist In The Air’s summer playlist. After hearing a cover of theirs I had to listen to everything else they’ve made. It is all excellent. “Little Bandit” has swiftly become my favorite of their songs. It’s a charming song about falling for someone determined on stealing your heart. Accompanying the cute lyrics is an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a keyboard that might double as drumkit. Together they make a swaying summer instrumental. The lyrics are surprisingly mournful for the level of cuteness and cheerfulness in the sound. This may be borrowed from the ska tradition along with some of the summer-y guitar sections that approach reggae. Give it a listen and enjoy a mid-week break.

Little Bandit – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook

BONUS: Here’s the cover that I heard first. The Heydaze’s take on Tove Lo’s song “Habits” is fairly bare bones, starting out with nothing but acoustic guitar, snaps, and vocals. Yet it is engaging, adding instruments and crescendoing with the powerful lyrics of the hook. I’m not done enjoying variations on this song yet which is funny considering I find the original rather boring. I guess it had enough potential to captivate other musicians. The sentiment of the hook is an oldie but a goodie, that of drowning your sorrows. If you’re interested in a more EDM style version of this, check out Keys N Krates’s version here. Enjoy the song and have a great rest of the week!

Habits (Stay High) – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook


Pack it Up – Phive

January 3, 2014

Art for 'Dream Everything, Vol. 1' by Phive
Time for something fun! Phive is a group that until recently has been on tour sponsored by Xbox and Coca-Cola. Now that they’ve finished the tour, they’e had time to record some an EP entitled “Dream Everything, Vol. 1“. “Pack it Up” made me smile and nod along so I thought I’d share with you all. Meshing electronic sounds, hip-hop, reggae, and pop, this song feels summer-y in a laid-back party sort of way. With allusions to other classic songs starting with the opening lyrics, this song is setting itself up to be a classic poolside party track. If this tasty morsel whets your appetite, be sure to download the whole EP here. Enjoy!

Pack it Up – Phive / Or from DJBooth


Question Everything (Trap Dubstep Remix) – The ERAera

December 3, 2013

the ERAera
I know I’ve blogged about The ERAera recently, but I can’t help it! They just make such engaging music! Today, I’m sharing a remix they recently released of their song “Question Everything”. Filled with a chaotic and aggressive dubstep hook, a trap-style 808 beat, and chopped up vocals, this remix puts the focus on the production, leaving the words (which are awesome) to the side for the time being. The remix has a verse from the original that gives a taste of the lyrics from the original, calling for accountability and reform. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the original song here. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome remix!

Question Everything (Trap Dubstep Remix) – The ERAera / Or from SoundCloud


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXV

June 8, 2013

Happy Friday, folks! Well it was Friday when I started this. Now it’s Happy Saturday. Could I make it happier with some mashups? I sure hope so, because that’s what I aim to do.

It’s no surprise that Mashup-Germany put together my new favorite mashup. This track is layered with a plenitude of songs, but the important one is “Africa” by Toto. Ben Stilller puts the power of that hook in the spotlight, enhancing it with the uke line from “Over the Rainbow” and snippets of “Forever Young”. On top of that Stilller works “Hakuna Matata” into the song. It’s almost perfect. Enjoy it!

Somewhere ohne Kompass – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

3lau dropped this track a couple of months ago, but it’s worth sharing, as almost all of 3lau’s work is. Like all of his contemporaries, 3lau felt compelled to rework “Clarity”, but 3lau’s reworking is simple, clean, and effective, putting together an EDM track that could easily be an original electro house track. Give it a listen.

Rifts of Clarity (3LAU Edit) – Dirty South & Michael Brun feat. Foxes / Or from ZippyShare

Baltimore DJs Chris Summers and Francis Gillet make up the group Dionysus. They put together house mashups. This is one of my favorites of theirs. I like that when one prog house hook drops down, they pull another in to take up the strain. It’s dramatic, catchy, and danceable, a good combination. Check it out!

Feel The Sound (Dionysus Mashup) – Alesso x Michael Woods x Mikkas / Or from SoundCloud

Here’s a bouncy one from Troika. Using the familiar party starting lyrics from Dada Life, Troika gets right into the fray of things. He lets Archie and Fareoh’s instrumental keep the song moving and light-hearted. Enjoy it!

Feathers (Troika Rage Edit) – Archie & Fareoh x Dada Life x Hyper Crush / Or from SoundCloud

Now let’s funk it up a bit, and who better to do that than Jimi Needles? On this song he speeds up Janelle Monae a bit and gives her a very funky instrumental to back her up. Danceable in an entirely different way, this song can inspire a smile. Give it a listen.

Tightrope (Jimi Needles Grand Popo Edit) – Janelle Monae / Or from Facebook

DJ BAHLER put together this A+B mashup, and it’s quite a good fit. Rihanna’s vocals are so powerful that they can carry many a mashup. The instrumental here fits the track very well, with a powerful chorus and great movement immediately following. Check it out!

Terris Carbon [Starfucker + Rihanna] – DJ BAHLER / Or from SoundCloud

Oh, Grits. It has been ages since I’ve listened to “Ooh Aah”, but D.veloped brings it all back with this mashup. The combination with JT is surprisingly perfect. Timberlake’s funky sound complements the old-school hook, record scratches fitting in easily. D.veloped is incredibly skilled at making mashups, this is a well known fact. But this song is a live mashup, put together for a show, which just gives a sense of their talkent. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

My Suit & Tie Life (D.licious Live Edit) – Justin Timberlake vs Grits / Or from Facebook


Colors – Cris Cab feat. Mike Posner

April 8, 2013

How could I not blog this song? I’m a big fan of the pop reggae stylings of Cris Cab ever since his cover of “Pumped Up Kicks” blew me away. And I’ve been a fan of Mike Posner for ages too; you can find numerous originals and remixes of his work on this site. So to hear that they teamed up for a song is to download the song without listening to it first, trusting them to deliver consistently great music. And I was rewarded. “Colors” sounds like a Cris Cab song, reggae chords opening to back the verses and triumphant crescendos for the chorus. The addition of an electric guitar riff ties the song together and gives it a satisfying outro. Posner’s distinctive voice jumps on the second verse and together these artists sing a feel-good song about karma catching up with everyone. Enjoy it.

Colors – Cris Cab feat. Mike Posner / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXIII

April 5, 2013

Friday. It means freedom. It means the end of the drudgery. It means a time of release. Here at PaperMashMusic we observe Friday by listening reverentially to mashups. Join us in our observation of this ancient holiday.

This day we celebrate for a long awaited song. Elocnep finally released a download for this funky smooth mashup of “Thrift Shop” and it is spectacular. Enjoy.

The Sly Fox Is Thrift Shopping Better Than He Ever Has – Elocnep / Or Download EP from Facebook

We give thanks with this Stylust Beats mashup. The funkiness is practically dirty with bass and it provides a energetic backing to the old school hip hop. Check it out!


Mashup-Germany shares this short mashup in contribution to the acknowledgement of the greatness of Friday. It is a good transition between funk and pop and the German rap gives it certain shine. Give it a listen.

Bilder im Kopf (Hör mal wer da hämmert) – Mashup-Germany / Or from SoundCloud

Reggae meets reggaeton in an inspired mashup from Jejah. The horns and shortened guitar echoes make quite the counterpoint to the rapid autotuned Spanish. Enjoy it.

Kuduro´s Darling (Don Omar feat. Lucenzo Vs Seeed) – Jejah

In another relaxing mashup worthy of Friday, Kosher Kittens sets rap to Modest Mouse. The slow guitar riff was turned into a beat by YouTube User JahiMakesBeats and Kosher Kittens takes full advantage of it. Check it out.

Screw Up at Large – Kosher Kittens / Or from SoundCloud

You know that song “I Love It”? I must confess that I don’t love it. But DJ Schmolli does such a good job mashing it up that I find it appropriate to appreciate Friday with. Give it a listen.

I Love Clarity – DJ Schmolli / Or from SoundCloud

It is time to end this ode to Friday, but that does not mean that our celebration will cease. 3lau put this track together awhile ago and recently decided to reassemble it more to his satisfaction. It’s rousing and danceable and every time that Krewella’s vocals rise to the fore, I am happy. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Guilty Pleasure (3LAU Re-Edit) -Paris & Simo, Wolfgang Gartner, Coldplay feat. Krewella & Pendulum