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Suga Suga (Royal Refix) – Baby Bash

June 17, 2014

Baby Bash
Ready for some nostalgia? Remember that old Baby Bash hit “Suga Suga”? Yeah well it’s back with a whole new identity thanks to DC producer Royal. Royal’s latest remix turns that song into something much less pop-y. The “refix” has distinct movements. Royal starts off by turning that thin whining opening synth from the original into a section of its own, backed by claps and drums. When the guitar riff enters, it feels like the Red Hot Chili Peppers have joined the song. Then the vocals join in and it’s clear what song this is. For a dose of nostalgia and a good time, check this out.

Suga Suga (Royal Refix) – Baby Bash / Or from Facebook


Don’t Shine – Raz Simone

January 30, 2014

Raz Simone
Sorry for the brief break in music, folks. My cat of sixteen years is dying and it’s bumming me out. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Raz Simone has made some pretty amazing music in the past, but this takes his craft to a new level. “Don’t Shine” is filled with the kind of lyrics we’ve come to expect from Simone, dark and gritty. But his pacing is based around a beat that has several movements, keeping things fresh. His rap sections have a conversational tone and his sung sections feature gorgeous harmonies. A dramatic drum section emphasizes the faster sections while a marimba or xylophone line emphasizes the mournful beauty of the song. This song is intense and in your face and intense and quiet by turns. It’s incredibly compelling. Give it a listen!

Don’t Shine – Raz Simone / Or from Raz Simone

BONUS: And here’s the video that goes with the song. I’m not really a video critic, but I think this is a good companion to the drama of the song. It does some interesting things with speed, making the world in slow or fast motion while Raz Simone’s lips still move to match the speed of the song. The only color in this predominately black and white video comes when the song moves faster and the frames get distorted. Check it out.


Own It (Sevag Area-201 Remix) – Mack Wilds

January 22, 2014

Sevag‘s remix of Mack Wilds is epic in scale. The opening to the remix lasts over a minute and sets the stage with grand big house festival riffs before dropping out to allow the original vocals to make their debut. Along with a rolling deep synth line, these vocals are energetic and hopeful with a hint of apprehension. The song soon returns to the intense house hook and lets the listener enjoy it for a while. The song paces itself well, starting with intensely energetic dance music, pausing to appreciate vocals then repeating. Enjoy this dance track.

Own It (Sevag Area-201 Remix) – Mack Wilds / Or from Facebook


Hot Winter Days (Feat. Nika) – Ramaj Eroc

January 14, 2014

Ramaj Eroc
Ramaj Eroc is really good at releasing truly smooth music. “Hot Winter Days” illustrates this talent quite well. Not only are Eroc’s lyrics on point, but his featured vocalist, Nika, lays down a powerful hook, all backed by the slick production of DopeBoyzMuzic. The instrumental uses a beautiful subdued synth line with a lack of reverb similar to a snowy day atop a lazily slow beat that all combine to make a very relaxed hip hop track. Anyone enjoying a mild winter, this one’s for you. Enjoy.

Hot Winter Days (Feat. Nika) – Ramaj Eroc / Or from SoundCloud


OMG – Parable vs. Mac Soto

January 13, 2014

Parable and Mac Soto
It has been ages since we last heard from Parable and Mac Soto, but they’re back with another fun, catchy, and rather pretty song. “OMG” is a laid back track featuring horns, casual West Coast guitar strumming, relaxed drums, and soothing vocal backing. At the same time that they present this chilled out soundscape, they sing and rap about a series of bad decisions and painful consequences. It’s an amusing and surprisingly effective combination. This single is leading to the release of their debut EP in April. They must have been busy putting this together for some time, and I’m looking forward to hearing more of this casual catchiness soon. Enjoy it.

OMG – Parable vs. Mac Soto / Or from SoundCloud


Pack it Up – Phive

January 3, 2014

Art for 'Dream Everything, Vol. 1' by Phive
Time for something fun! Phive is a group that until recently has been on tour sponsored by Xbox and Coca-Cola. Now that they’ve finished the tour, they’e had time to record some an EP entitled “Dream Everything, Vol. 1“. “Pack it Up” made me smile and nod along so I thought I’d share with you all. Meshing electronic sounds, hip-hop, reggae, and pop, this song feels summer-y in a laid-back party sort of way. With allusions to other classic songs starting with the opening lyrics, this song is setting itself up to be a classic poolside party track. If this tasty morsel whets your appetite, be sure to download the whole EP here. Enjoy!

Pack it Up – Phive / Or from DJBooth


Cold Killer – Jordan Bratton

January 2, 2014

Jordan Bratton
Jordan Bratton has captured my attention since he started sending me music four months ago. During my vacation, he released his debut 14 song free project “The Grey Area“. It’s filled with everything that caught my ear before, engaging beats, vocal harmonies, and a willingness to experiment with different sounds. “Cold Killer” is my favorite song of the previously unreleased content. Starting off with a keyboard line with a timbre vaguely evoking “Superstition”, the song moves quickly into a vocal section promising retribution in fights and warning of a cold heart in relationships. Bratton’s voice is sweet and addictive and he knows this, taking time to drop the beat and luxuriate in a brief acapella section. This song is tight, sleek, and well produced. Listen for the pause in the beat designed to emphasize the lyrics. Check this out and be sure to download the whole project here.

Cold Killer – Jordan Bratton / Or from SoundCloud