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Birthday Cake (Liquid Stranger Remix) – Rihanna

February 17, 2016

Liquid Stranger

First off, I love this Rihanna song and always want it to be longer and featuring only her. I first heard it dropped at a rave in the woods in the west of Virginia and the crowd really went wild for it. In the midst of dubstep and drum & bass, this Rihanna song seized the crowd’s attention. So it should be no surprise that it also caught the attention of one of the original ravers, Liquid Stranger. If you want to get a sense of what’s going through the mind of Liquid Stranger, I present this interview to you as recommended reading, and Big Dub as the recommended festival. This remix is dark and dirty, filled with hints of dubstep, 808s and claps that evoke trap without actually deigning to be trap,  a couple stark big room synths to convey a sense of vast empty space, and a rhythm that flirts with moombahton. It’s a genre amalgam that feels original and innovative. So happy birthday, my fellow Aquarians; enjoy it.

To download from the artist, click here.


Cry Me A River (Deficio Remix) – Justin Timberlake

January 22, 2016

Justin Timberlake

You know what’s a wonderful asset to music? Nostalgia. I myself have a folder of nostalgia playlists, and my favorite is the “Remixed Nostalgia” playlist. When done well, a remix of a classic song packs a double punch. The new instrumentation provides exciting sound and hooks while being enhanced by virtue of being familiar and already loved. It’s essentially the same process that movie producers are betting on when they fund sequels and reboots, the logic being: if people like it already, they’ll probably like it again. In music, this philosophy excites me; I’m always eager to listen to a new remix of an old song and see what exciting take another artist has on it. Perhaps this is the attitude I should adopt for movies, though more often than not I am filled with caution and skepticism.

In the case of this remix, there is no need for wariness. Deficio embraces the soul of Justin Timberlake’s original song “Cry Me A River” and updates its instrumental, increasing the pace a bit, and adding new synths to carry the familiar tune. There’s more bass and variety to the instrumental of the remix, assuring the listener that this is no one trick pony. While all the verses are no longer in place, the nostalgic vocal hooks are kept, polished up, and featured. Enjoy the new polish on this old favorite.

To download this track from the artist, click here.



Idfc (Tarro Remix) – Blackbear

January 6, 2016


Blackbear‘s “Idfc” is an ode to heartbreak, to hoping for a crumb of affection, to trying to protect your own heart by just not caring. Tarro‘s remix brings a new level to this song by adding his own emotional sculpting to the instrumental. While the original maintains a minimal aesthetic to enhance the stress, the expectation of release, and the tension of the lyrics, the remix delivers musical responses to the lyrics. When Blackbear sings about words slurring, Tarro chops and screws the line. When Blackbear’s voice raises to cry out that he’s “only a fool for you”, Tarro drops the instrumental down several notches to showcase the naked loneliness in the vocals. While Blackbear sings almost without break, purging himself of these feelings, Tarro gives us an instrumental hook to follow Blackbear’s declaration of uncaring; and it’s gorgeous. Tarro uses the future synths that have been getting a lot of play these days and he uses them well. Give it a listen to decide which version you like better.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


United State of Pop 2015 (50 Shades of Pop) – DJ Earworm

January 1, 2016

Earworm 2015

Happy New Year everybody! How better to welcome in a new year of music than with a retrospective of the last year’s top music? DJ Earworm holds a special place in my heart for mashups and he even got a term about end of year mashups coined – the “yearworm”. 2008 was pretty universally greeted as his best yearworm, probably because Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” provided such a good backing instrumental to work with. This year starts out a little shaky but pulls together quite well. He’s taken the difficulty up a couple levels; this year he mixed together the top 50 tracks, not just the top 25. I think it was around the 3:00 mark that I really started jamming along and unreservedly enjoying this mashup. Tell me what you think!

To download this track from the artist, visit SoundCloud and click download.


Do You? – TroyBoi

December 30, 2015


TroyBoi makes some of the sexiest music I’ve ever heard. He knows exactly what to do with bass. If you’ve never heard of him before you need to fix that, starting right here with “Do You?” Right from the beginning, the ominous guitar opening lets you know something epic is about to happen. Then the wind builds and the song drops with a voice asking “Do you love me?” Now this voice is not lovesick. If anything, it keeps to that almost ominous quality of the opening, more obsession than love. At this point an incredible bass line takes the fore and with it our collective breath. It becomes an unsettling but riveting song, filled with deep melodic bass and crisp trap 808s. My only gripe is the sample that cuts in periodically, leaving the bass behind for an almost out of tune violin line. Despite the questionable musicality of this choice, thematically it keeps the tension high and the song unnerving. Now I don’t want you to get the idea that this song is somehow not enjoyable, because it is brilliant. You have to listen to fully understand.

To download this song from the artist, click here.

Now I can’t leave you with just one song from this master of bass. So here’s a bonus. In “No Substitute” he has teamed up with Y.A.S to add some sultry vocals to his signature trap and bass take on R&B. Once again, TroyBoi opens in an unsettled minimal aesthetic; four simple notes on a keyboard set the stage for Y.A.S’s expression of desire, of craving. Enjoy the atmosphere.

This track was released for free long enough ago that the official download link redirects, but I found half a dozen different websites offering downloads, so if you have to have it, you should have no worries.


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXX

January 9, 2015

A heart, love of music, edm at its best
Good lord! Has it really been a year since my last mashups post? Clearly this is sorely needed. And Friday is the perfect day for mashups – a time to hype up with pop music in a new fun format. Ready for the weekend? This should help.

Let’s start with something a bit ridiculous and party friendly! Titus Jones combined Avril Lavigne, Lesley Jones, a Cash Cash remix of Katy Perry, 50 Cent, and Spice Girls for to make a hyper-powered pop mashup. It’s beautiful, girly, and over the top in all the right ways. I would totally dance like a doofus to this one. What about you? Check it out!

Wannabe At My Birthday Party? – Titus Jones / Or from SoundCloud

Trademark also utilized a bit of Cash Cash in this lovely mashup. Trademark knows how to make a beautiful mashup, pulling together gorgeous female vocal hooks from several songs and placing them according to their differing moods to shape a song. All of this is coordinated while maintaining consistency with a gorgeous progressive house instrumental. Enjoy it.

Take Tonight (Cash Cash x Zedd x NONONO x Nico Cipriano) – Trademark / Or from SoundCloud

Now let’s chill it out for a bit with a mashup from the Fabulous Beatmashers. This beat from Mr. Probz made the rounds this summer and while simple, it is really catchy and exudes a casual cool. Snoop Dogg’s West Coast rap style is a good fit for it and the samples from Fatboy Slim put it over the edge. Check it out.

Drop Mr. Probz Waves (Champion Sound) – Mr. Probz vs. Snoop Dogg / Or from Facebook

Here’s another laid back mashup from Kosher Kittens. Combining Passion Pit with Milky Chance effortlessly, this is one of those mashups that just works. Guitar sample meets vocals. Give it a listen.

Stolen Away (Passion Pit X Milky Chance) – Kosher Kittens

Next up, lobsterdust has a funky mashup for you. With a fun and funky instrumental from Alex Metric & Oliver, lobsterdust adds Trey Songz’s vocals with just the right combination of smoothness and attitude to fit. When sings his hook of “Na Na Na” it lines up perfectly with piano hook from the instrumental. Enjoy the sexiness.

NaNaxy (Trey Songz vs. Alex Metric & Oliver) – lobsterdust / Or from SoundCloud

Building upon a relaxed yet alert instrumental Mashup-Germany pulls together material from seven different tracks and adds instrumentation to even it all out. The snippets of Eminem and and Coldplay complement each other perfectly while the drama of the instrumental grows. Check it out!

Call it magic – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

One album this year that made me very happy was Porter Robinson’s. Apparently the The Hood Internet agreed. They brought Porter together with Beyoncé in their signature style of unlikely pairings that work better than you ever might have thought and make you start dreaming of impossible collaborations. Both Porter and Beyoncé put out albums that fly in the face of pop conventions, or at least ignore many of them, and they combine here beautifully. They both rise and fall an impressive range and that is lined up flawlessly for display here. Give it a listen!

DiviniXO (Beyoncé vs Porter Robinson) – The Hood Internet / Or from their Website

BONUS: Here to help you celebrate the new year and wave farewell to the old is Mashup-Germany‘s mashup of 2014. 70 songs in six minutes, not bad. I hope your New Year is wonderful and your weekend is ushered into awesomeness with the discovery of some of these mashups. Enjoy and have a good one!

Top of the Pops 2014 (Days and Nights) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook


Often (Kygo Remix) – The Weeknd

August 18, 2014

Kygo in Amsterdam
It has been a while! Sorry about the lack of content folks. I’ve been very busy going from event to festival to festival and back again, meeting amazing people and hearing great music. Here’s a song that a friend of mine has decided speaks to them and their festival-filled summer. I can certainly see the appeal. Kygo gave the Weeknd some prime treatment in this remix of “Often”. This track is smooth and sexy, just the way the Weeknd should sound. With a casual percussion section led by snaps and intermittent 808 rolls, the remix feels laidback but watchful, filled with nervous energy. The Weeknd leads the song with his trademarked juxtaposition of honey-sweet vocals singing about the grittier situations that complement the traditionally saccharine R&B love stories. The lyrics declare that he does this often and evoke the devil’s smile of experience. It’s a seductive song, and Kygo’s instrumental sets the mood perfectly. Enjoy it.

Often (Kygo Remix) – The Weeknd / Or from Facebook