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Go Crazy – Ruxxian

March 25, 2016


It’s Friday so let’s get some party music! Ruxxian provides us with some excellent dance music in his track “Go Crazy.” It’s big room music with elements of hardstyle and it’s excellent. Give it a listen and have a great weekend.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


Birthday Cake (Liquid Stranger Remix) – Rihanna

February 17, 2016

Liquid Stranger

First off, I love this Rihanna song and always want it to be longer and featuring only her. I first heard it dropped at a rave in the woods in the west of Virginia and the crowd really went wild for it. In the midst of dubstep and drum & bass, this Rihanna song seized the crowd’s attention. So it should be no surprise that it also caught the attention of one of the original ravers, Liquid Stranger. If you want to get a sense of what’s going through the mind of Liquid Stranger, I present this interview to you as recommended reading, and Big Dub as the recommended festival. This remix is dark and dirty, filled with hints of dubstep, 808s and claps that evoke trap without actually deigning to be trap,  a couple stark big room synths to convey a sense of vast empty space, and a rhythm that flirts with moombahton. It’s a genre amalgam that feels original and innovative. So happy birthday, my fellow Aquarians; enjoy it.

To download from the artist, click here.


A Rapid Burst of EDM VII

January 16, 2015

Lasers for your EDM
Wow. It looks like it’s been even longer than a year since I last did an EDM roundup. On the bright side, that just means I’ve had a lot of time to save up some awesome tracks for this. If you’re getting ready for the weekend, I hope this will help. Here we go!

Let’s start off with a song I was mooning over way back in May. Crywolf is just so good at making truly gorgeous dubstep. By focusing on beautiful vocal harmonies and melodic instrumentation they make “Eyes Half Closed” solidly pretty. Then they add sampled vocals as a hook on top of a simple dubstep bringing it up to beautiful. Then they transcend with an epic and euphoric chopped up crescendo. Listen and enjoy.

Eyes Half Closed – Crywolf / Or Pay With a Tweet

Now as epic as that is, it makes it a hard act to follow. But Dakat is quite good at making epic music too. The intro is solemn, preparing the way for great things. And the drop to “Ghost” is great. So great. It makes use of the now popular method of pulsing a synth to simultaneously evoke brass and project epicness. The beat goes between simple claps and a trap line. Check it out.

Ghost (Original Mix) – Dakat / Or Follow to Pay

For those trap fans among you who felt like the last track, while epic, didn’t have the cool dark vibe that trap sometimes has, here’s one for you to try. The artist aywy. put together this growling, sneering song “Murder” that just makes you feel cooler than anyone listening to other music. The Snoop sample is great and yet it’s actually the weakest part of the song. Give this one a listen.

Murder – aywy. / Or from Dropbox

And now for something completely different! OMFG has made one of the most quirky songs I’ve heard in a while. This song relies entirely on some chopped and screwed vocal samples turned into a synth set. Every so often you can actually understand the vocals and it’s lovely. This is a goofy song but also a surprisingly catchy glitch hop song. Try it out for size.

Hello – OMFG / Or from their Website

Sticking with the whimsy of the earlier song, TheFatRat‘s “Unity” is relentlessly happy. The song starts out using chiptune synths to introduce a very fun hook. Eventually this theme drops into a tropical house synth and a vocal breakdown. It’s sweet, fun, and satisfying. Enjoy it!

Unity – TheFatRat / Or from Facebook

AObeats & Manila Killa‘s song “Ming” has a bit of whimsy to it too. Every so often, to accent the rolling glissandos and trap 808s, there’s feline meow. Then it drops into an aggressive trap bass movement before returning to the lovely lonely treble of before. This track is excellent, fun, and, every so often, funny. Check it out.

Ming – AObeats & Manila Killa / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: I saw Figure over the summer at Moonrise Festival and I spent the beginning of his set maneuvering through the crowd to find the location with the best balanced sound. I was preparing for this song. And when it played, I went hard (more impressive when you consider how tired I was from the music and travel the day before). That’s right. In case you hadn’t heard, Figure remixed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and it is perfect. Starting mostly unaltered, this track quickly adds a chiptune ramp up before dropping into an intense drumstep hook. Sprinkled throughout the song are little samples from the show. Give it a listen and have an awesome weekend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Figure Remix) – TMNT / Or from SoundCloud


I Want It That Way – Cheeky Charmander

January 7, 2015

Cheeky Charmander

Happy New Year, all. I don’t really make resolutions, but it felt like a good time for new beginnings. So here we go. No promises on frequency of this blog but I’m definitely not retiring it. Let’s kick off with a late night song. Cheeky Charmander remixes Backstreet Boys in this song. His version of “I Want It That Way” is slowed and stretched, creating something entirely different. This is the perfect song for the chill room of a rave at 4 or 5 in the morning. This is the song that you understand on a primal level when you’re too exhausted to dance but too hyped up to consider sleep yet. This song is an altered state all on its own. At the same time it tickles our nostalgia centers with a pop song that everyone knew. Don’t understand yet? Listen to it. Still don’t understand? Listen to it when you’re exhausted, coming home from a long night out. And enjoy it.

To listen to and download this track from the artist, click here.


Novocaine (Ryon Lawford Remix) – Edon

June 27, 2014

Ryon Lawford has a talent for turning pop songs into incredible EDM tracks. When remixing songs he tends to preserve vocal hooks so he can focus on creating a new instrumental track. That’s exactly what he does with Edon’s emotional pop song “Novocaine”. In the original Edon’s vocals are slower paced and backed almost entirely by keyboard. Ryon Lawford brings Edon’s vocals up to a faster pace and slaps an incredible EDM track underneath it. He uses the piano hook that Edon used but adds layers of electro bass, chopped and screwed vocal rage, a house beat, and some mid-range synths turning it into a song with an incredible pop flavor that you can dance to with no regrets. Perfect for a Friday. Enjoy it!

Novocaine (Ryon Lawford Remix) – Edon / Or from Facebook


Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion

June 20, 2014

Hyperbits - photo by Chaz Bademan Photography
I’m going to see Hyperbits tonight! For reference, I’ve blogged his music previously here and here. His latest release was this remix of “Caaalifornia” by French Horn Rebellion two months ago. It starts out with a fade in, but with a chopped quality of sound you expect to hear when speaking into an electric fan. The beat enters and and builds before dropping out to allow the vocals to start off. Hyperbits highlights the chorus before dropping in a synth melody as his own hook. This time the build rises and drops into a happy house track. The word “California” is just so musical that it’s easy to hang a hook around it. Why do you think there are so many songs with California in the chorus? Hyperbits’ remix is very expressive, exuding feelings of summer and longing. And in case none of the melody, hooks, or emotions of this remix impress you, note just how incredibly different the original of this song is from Hyperbits’ version. His version is radically different yet entirely engaging and with casually perfect musical flow. Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion / Or from Facebook


Reach – Stereotypical

June 2, 2014

art for 'Reach'
After spending this weekend out and about, first seeing Zomboy then going to a wonderful outdoor rave, I’m in the mood to share some excellent EDM. Stereotypical released the free single “Reach” two months ago and it’s been my go-to happy, chiptune-influenced, electro track of choice. That may sound rather specific but I turned to it quite often. It’s relentlessly optimistic, with a soaring chiptune melody backed by growling electro bass and chopped vocal samples to round it out. It’s sweet, happy, and dance-y in a very innocent and enjoyable way. Check it out!

Reach – Stereotypical