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Beautiful Light – Uppermost

July 20, 2016


It’s Wednesday. For me that means it’s time for some chill music that will get me going and in a relaxed mood. Uppermost provides. The song starts off with a vocal sample and soon gains a casual drum line that always reminds me of a loping run. Added samples weave in and out of each other, making the song jazzy with the aid of reverb and a lovely relaxed backing tune. The vocal samples give the song a couple different hooks, starting with one, breaking into a second about halfway through. And then at one point the sample is allowed to break out of the loop, revealing that the source is Michael Jackson’s vocals from “Say Say Say.” I couldn’t say with any certainty whether the sampled hooks are all from the same song, chopped and screwed as they are. All in all it’s a lovely song, relaxing and beautiful with a hint of nostalgia. I hope this helps smooth out your hump day!

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Never Forget You (Shoolz Remix) – Zara Larsson & MNEK

May 4, 2016

Zara Larsson

Shoolz builds this track steadily, starting with vocals and simple synth lines before eventually breaking into rippling future synths along with soaring synths reminiscent of a wailing electric guitar. It’s a strong song, one that keeps its forward momentum even during the brief moments that it drops its driving percussion to highlight vocals. These vocals may be my only complaint with this song, their sound quality quiet and full of reverb. Perhaps this was the cost of getting the vocals out of the original track. If so, it was worth it. This song is stellar and well worth a listen. Enjoy!

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Bring Back The Summer (Ft Oly) [Paxel Remix] – Rainman

April 11, 2016


It was lovely last month, 70s and sunny. But now that it’s April I’ve had multiple snow storms and consistently cold grey days. So how can I not empathize with this song? Paxel brings us a tweaked version of Rain Man’s track “Bring Back The Summer”. By adding strings where Rain Man just had simple synth chords, Paxel expands this song greatly. Everything in this remix shouts out how much Paxel loves the original track. He preserves every piece, adding a new layer that blows this track sky high, never contradicting the original, only expanding. Enjoy the track, and here’s hoping that summer won’t be long in returning.

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RGF Island (Mayhem Edit) – Fetty Wap

March 30, 2016


Just a quick post today because I’m running late. Fetty Wap’s distinctive vocals (sort of a cry out to the night, mostly just one tone yet weirdly catchy) meet an excellent and engaging trap beat with the assistance of Mayhem. I’m definitely sold on this version. Are you?

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Mad World (DFLV & John Deeper Remix) – Hardwell ft. Jake Reese

March 28, 2016

John Deeper

DFLV and John Deeper chose a great song to remix here. Hardwell knows his business, choosing glorious vocals to feature in his pop house anthems. These passionate, soaring male vocals, coupled with a simple yet satisfying piano hook gives a sense of release that the best choruses all exude. Replacing Hardwell’s more frantic synths with piano relaxes the song and showcases the true power of the vocals. But they didn’t just make a stripped down acoustic version. They made a deep house version, keeping the dance rhythm while reducing its centrality to the song. Listen for yourself and you’ll hear what I mean.

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Where Are Ü Now – LIOHN X Jack Ü X Ember Island

March 16, 2016

Ember Island

Justin Bieber has reinvented himself a couple of times now it seems. I first came across him singing a sweet acoustic pop song he had written and accompanying himself on guitar in front of the Avon Theatre, looking about 12, very much working the young Michael Jackson appeal. A few years later Usher picked him up and he started making pop R&B songs. He’s attempted to make rap music, trying to distance himself from the image of sweet innocent youth. His work with Jack Ü goes back to that vulnerable, if rather typically emotional, pop sound and lyricism. The EDM influences brought in a whole new crowd of listeners however, as well as interested producers. LIOHN and Ember Island are two such interested parties. Together they have created a whole new song out of “Where Are Ü Now.” Ember Island’s sweet, understated vocals cut a lot of the pop whiny-ness that the original track featured. And LIOHN’s instrumental is magical, starting slow and timid, with simple piano chords, before eventually adding drums that build to a drop. The drop is surprisingly coy compared to most; it uses blurry, beautiful synth lines that don’t encourage frenetic dancing as much as they encourage release and relaxation. It’s a wonderful cover and reworking. Enjoy it!

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Faded (Sash_S Remix) – Alan Walker

March 14, 2016

Alan Walker

Looking for some soulfully lonely vocals? Simple piano chords? Driving prog and electro house synths? Chopped and screwed vocals? This track has it all. Sash_S delivers this and more in the remix of Alan Walker’s biggest hit, “Faded.” It’s an emotional song, the vocals clearly sad and hurt that someone important is missing, with a hint of anger added to the mix in the instrumental. On top of all that, it will get your foot tapping. Enjoy!

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