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Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXX

January 9, 2015

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Good lord! Has it really been a year since my last mashups post? Clearly this is sorely needed. And Friday is the perfect day for mashups – a time to hype up with pop music in a new fun format. Ready for the weekend? This should help.

Let’s start with something a bit ridiculous and party friendly! Titus Jones combined Avril Lavigne, Lesley Jones, a Cash Cash remix of Katy Perry, 50 Cent, and Spice Girls for to make a hyper-powered pop mashup. It’s beautiful, girly, and over the top in all the right ways. I would totally dance like a doofus to this one. What about you? Check it out!

Wannabe At My Birthday Party? – Titus Jones / Or from SoundCloud

Trademark also utilized a bit of Cash Cash in this lovely mashup. Trademark knows how to make a beautiful mashup, pulling together gorgeous female vocal hooks from several songs and placing them according to their differing moods to shape a song. All of this is coordinated while maintaining consistency with a gorgeous progressive house instrumental. Enjoy it.

Take Tonight (Cash Cash x Zedd x NONONO x Nico Cipriano) – Trademark / Or from SoundCloud

Now let’s chill it out for a bit with a mashup from the Fabulous Beatmashers. This beat from Mr. Probz made the rounds this summer and while simple, it is really catchy and exudes a casual cool. Snoop Dogg’s West Coast rap style is a good fit for it and the samples from Fatboy Slim put it over the edge. Check it out.

Drop Mr. Probz Waves (Champion Sound) – Mr. Probz vs. Snoop Dogg / Or from Facebook

Here’s another laid back mashup from Kosher Kittens. Combining Passion Pit with Milky Chance effortlessly, this is one of those mashups that just works. Guitar sample meets vocals. Give it a listen.

Stolen Away (Passion Pit X Milky Chance) – Kosher Kittens

Next up, lobsterdust has a funky mashup for you. With a fun and funky instrumental from Alex Metric & Oliver, lobsterdust adds Trey Songz’s vocals with just the right combination of smoothness and attitude to fit. When sings his hook of “Na Na Na” it lines up perfectly with piano hook from the instrumental. Enjoy the sexiness.

NaNaxy (Trey Songz vs. Alex Metric & Oliver) – lobsterdust / Or from SoundCloud

Building upon a relaxed yet alert instrumental Mashup-Germany pulls together material from seven different tracks and adds instrumentation to even it all out. The snippets of Eminem and and Coldplay complement each other perfectly while the drama of the instrumental grows. Check it out!

Call it magic – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

One album this year that made me very happy was Porter Robinson’s. Apparently the The Hood Internet agreed. They brought Porter together with Beyoncé in their signature style of unlikely pairings that work better than you ever might have thought and make you start dreaming of impossible collaborations. Both Porter and Beyoncé put out albums that fly in the face of pop conventions, or at least ignore many of them, and they combine here beautifully. They both rise and fall an impressive range and that is lined up flawlessly for display here. Give it a listen!

DiviniXO (Beyoncé vs Porter Robinson) – The Hood Internet / Or from their Website

BONUS: Here to help you celebrate the new year and wave farewell to the old is Mashup-Germany‘s mashup of 2014. 70 songs in six minutes, not bad. I hope your New Year is wonderful and your weekend is ushered into awesomeness with the discovery of some of these mashups. Enjoy and have a good one!

Top of the Pops 2014 (Days and Nights) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXVIII

September 23, 2013

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It’s been awhile. And since it’s Fri- since it’s the weekend- since it’s Monday… It’s time for mashups? Well it’s time and past time for mashups so I’m going to throw these up and you’re just going to have to enjoy them. Oh well.

Opening with the powerful and iconic synth line of Basto’s “Again and Again”, Chonald builds a beautiful mashup. Using the beautiful vocals from “No Beef” this song starts out beautiful and stays strong all the way through. Check it out!

No Beef Again in the Mammoth – Chonald / Or from SoundCloud

The Two Friends put this mashup together awhile ago and it’s about time I put it up. They successfully combine pop EDM from the current scene with pop from another. Jackson 5 adds a certain spice to this otherwise excellent mashup. Give it a listen.

Battle Scars (The Two Friends 25K Mashup) – Lupe Fiasco x Jackson 5 x Zedd ft. Foxes x Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir / Or from Facebook

Dionysus teamed up with Poppingmelons to make this mashup, beginning with Coldplay. Building from that solemn start, they add dubstep, pop R&B and EDM. It builds to a very satisfying dubstep hook. Enjoy it!

Holy Paradise (Au5 x Jay Z x Nero x Coldplay x Seven Lions) – Dionysus and Poppingmelons / Or from SoundCloud

KDrew mashed up Aerosmith with one of his own songs. That means classic rock meets some wild dubstep featuring some rather industrial sounds. Check it out.

CitaDream (KDrew Mashup) – KDrew x Aerosmith / Or from SoundCloud

As usual, mashups that Koyote puts together sound like they were meant to be put together that way despite the diverse amount of material they draw from. Featuring a barebones electro hook, this song pulls the listener in. Give it a listen!

Wildfire (Koyote Bootleg) – Skrillex vs Dog Blood vs Birdy Nam Nam vs A$AP ROCKY vs KRUNK! / Or from Facebook

Using some of the same vocals as the previous song, DJ Schmolli gives this mashup a very different sound by throwing the Cure under the spotlight. Along with that this turns into a drum and bass track in no time. It’s a great party track. Enjoy it!

Never Hold Back Hooligans In Heaven From Goin’ In – DJ Schmolli / Or from ZippyShare

KTHRSIS does mashups in a style that I don’t really like. They put together songs in a simple A+B format, but then lose interest and switch it up after a minute or so. This means there are some awesome mini mashups inside every song but I feel they are never fleshed out enough. While this bugs me in a listening at home context, it is great in a live show context. Check out all the great mini-mashes in this track.

American Gangsta – KTHRSIS / Or from SoundCloud

DOSVEC is always quick to mash up a new pop hit and I for one am grateful. It means that I almost never have to listen to originals if I don’t feel like it. This time DOSVEC gives Miley Cyrus’s latest a festive EDM makeover, utilizing playful synth lines for the verses and heavy duty festival house synths for the chorus. This is a great one to include in a dance set. Give it a listen and have a great week!

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus vs Dave Darell) – DOSVEC / Or from Facebook

BONUS: How could I make a mashup post without a song from Mashup-Germany? I couldn’t. So here it is. Another masterpiece. Mashup-Germany’s genius truly shows when he combines rock songs. Combining AWOLNATION, Metallica, Queen, Blink-182, System of a Down, and Robyn is an accomplishment and should be properly appreciated as such. Mashup-Germany uses Avicii to tie the loose ends together and it all comes together beautifully. Enjoy.

The Rock Harmony – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXVII

August 2, 2013

I think it’s been long enough. It’s time for another roundup of great mashups. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been listening to lately.

The White Panda are back in the mix following their full length album “Bearly Legal” with another fabulous mashup. Queen and David Bowie’s vocals merge flawlessly with the slick, funky Bruno Mars beat. How can you not enjoy this mashup? It’s nostalgic, summer-y, and entirely catchy. Enjoy it!

Under Treasure – The White Panda / Or from SoundCloud

The Hood Internet‘s latest mashup pulls Kendrick Lamar’s popular single together with fabulous track from Cashmere Cat. It’s sweet while pulling gently upon the 808s of trap standards. I particularly enjoy the bed squeaks that cover the chorus. Check it out!

Mirror Vibe (Kendrick Lamar vs Cashmere Cat) – The Hood Internet / Or from SoundCloud

ColorBlind brings the easily recognizable backing of Otto Knows to match the deep and autotuned sound of Gorilla Zoe. The result is a fun hipster hip-hop track that’s worth listening to a time or seven. Give it a listen!

Million Echos – ColorBlind / Or from SoundCloud

In a vie for a mashup designed to cater to the Intertubes, DJ Schmolli set “Final Countdown” against “You Spin Me Round” with a light seasoning of MGMT. The combination is worth several laughs and works surprisingly well. Enjoy it!

Final Record Spin Kids – DJ Schmolli / Or from SoundCloud

Last week Elocnep teamed up with Chonald to release a mashup designed for the dance floor that prominently features vocals from AC/DC. This is a fun way to get people interested in the dance music. Check it out!

Knife Party Likes To Blow Animals With TNT – Elocnep & Chonald / Or from SoundCloud

Trademark released this mashup a month ago, but I’m still enjoying it. Ne-Yo’s vocals are hard to say no to, and with a liberal spicing of Daft Punk, the song becomes very attractive. Give it a listen.

Hard To Stop (Vicetone x Ne-Yo x Daft Punk) – Trademark / Or from Facebook

And how can we ignore a mashup of “Get Lucky”? We can’t. Lobsterdust didn’t just mashup the Daft Punk song of the summer, he made a ridiculous pairing with System of a Down and it sounds pretty darn smooth. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Bring Your Own Luck (System Of A Down vs. Daft Punk) – lobsterdust / Or from SoundCloud


Old School Melody – Bass Physics

June 4, 2013

Not to be mistaken with the similarly named Basic Physics, Bass Physics hail from Denver, Colorado, and saluted the state holiday of 4/20 with this. And you can see why. The oldies vibe is rife with reef-evoking sounds. This casual sample-based track reminds me a lot of Gramatik. Their attention to crisp and clean production keeps me smiling while enjoying the hip-hop and electronic elements that bring this old school melody to life. Enjoy it.

Old School Melody – Bass Physics / Or from SoundCloud


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXIV

May 4, 2013

Well it’s not quite Friday anymore, but better late than never, right? I have a couple of papers I’m taking time out from right now, so I’ll keep this brief. Now for the mashups!

Mashup-Germany starts strong with a combination of Macklemore and “Crocodile Rock” and doesn’t get any weaker. Macklemore had a stellar instrumental for “Can’t Hold Us” and Mashup-Germany obviously had fun adding verse after verse to it. Check it out!

Can’t hold Superfreakz – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

How could I ignore a mashup of “Chumbawamba”? The Catalina Rhyme Mixers knew I couldn’t. They also knew that adding “Gangnam Style” would make it even more irresistible. They don’t stop there, but don’t take my word for it. Give it a listen!

Chumba (CRM Bootleg) – Catalina Rhyme Mixers / Or from SoundCloud

I’m new to Fatwave, but every track of theirs that I’ve heard is great. It’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten into “We Found Love” but this brings it all back like it was only two years ago. Enjoy it.

Breathing Stars (Fatwave Mashup) – Jerome (feat. Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Flo Rida, Chris Brown) / Or from Facebook

Change was inspired to make this by a DJ Bahler mashup with a similar concept. I’m pleased that it was made at all. The elements that Change chose to emphasize merge seamlessly. Check it out.

Semblance (Phoenix x Matisyahu x Blink 182 x Fergie) – CHANGE / Or from Facebook

I like funky mashups and DJ Schmolli made one last month. Featuring Justin Timberlake’s signature song at the moment, Schmolli exploits the funky rhythm of his vocals and gives it more a more appropriate backing. Give it a listen!

Suit & Tie Any Way You Wanna – DJ Schmolli / Or from Yandex.Disk

3lau masterfully merges more than half a dozen songs to make this one. The progressive house build drops into an exciting festival track that sounds like a call to arms. This militant air is dropped and a vulnerable side is emphasized with practically acapella airy vocals. The contrasts in this song are great. Enjoy them.

Arc (3lau Edit) – Michael Brun, Paris & Simo, Calvin Harris, W&W, Skylar Grey, David Guetta, Eurythmics, Nicky Romero / Or from SoundCloud

Doodle Monster brings “Radioactive” an intense dubstep sound by combining it with the sound of Spektrem. The melodramatic vocals of “Radioactive” match the the intensity of “Dirtybuzz” in a very satisfying way. Check it out!

Dirty Radiation (Spektrem vs Imagine Dragons) – Doodle Monster / Or from SoundCloud

Troika has some amazing mashups out there. This is one of the simpler ones but its simplicity has its own appeal. Brostep meets popstep in a very enjoyable union. This is dubstep at its most accessible. Give it a listen.

One Voltage (Troika Mashup) – Skrillex x Krewella / Or from SoundCloud

DJ Ellipsis streamlines these songs into a single track so tight it’s hard to remember that they were once separate. The bass and 808s makes this the most aggressive I have ever heard “Flashback”. This track is hands down amazing. Enjoy.

Peso Flashback Fade – DJ Ellipsis / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: And here’s DJ Bahler‘s track which inspired Change‘s track above. I really like the eerie sound that Bahler emphasizes out of Phoenix’s instrumental. It’s hard to highlight much more than vignettes of this mashup because of the sheer number of songs in it, but most are great and they are all good. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Semblance of Sound – DJ Bahler


Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis

February 23, 2013

I cannot believe that I forgot to include this song in yesterday’s mashup post! I’m fairly certain I heard it right before starting to blog and thought it was amazing. When I realized I hadn’t blogged this brilliant mashup, I knew I had to fix that, and quick. Jimi Needles and Dmitri From London collaborated to put Kelis’s vocals on top of the Emotions’ classic motown track, “Best of My Love”. The RnB meshes effortlessly with the funk-y motown. This is one of the catchiest mashups I have heard in years. This song feels classic, yet exudes such an infectious enthusiasm that it is difficult to sit still. I had a merry time dancing about the room with my girlfriend to this song the first time she heard it. Enjoy the simple perfection of this song!

Best of My Bounce (Dimitri From London & Jimi Needles Boot) – The Emotions & Kelis / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXI

February 22, 2013

Goodness, has it really been a month? Well that certainly makes it time for a mashups post! Let’s get into it right away then. I’m celebrating my birthday today, and I’d like to have this posted before Happy Hour.

This song gets right into it, and so shall I. DJ Trademark showcases Neon Hitch’s distinctive vocals with a shining fanfare of prog house synths. As an interlude the song marches forward with an electro house riff. Enjoy it!

Get Lucky (Marco V & Jochen Miller x Neon Hitch x Fast Foot & Farleon x Christina Aguilera) – DJ Trademark / Or from Facebook

This track is quite a bit slower, but that won’t slow me down. Brian Kramer put together this epic, nine minute beauty of a mashup, centered upon Deadmau5’s “Veldt”. The smooth progressive house synths perfectly frame the popular vocals from Zedd and Foxes. Give it a listen.

Veldt Foxes (BK2K Bootleg) – Deadmau5, Zedd, Foxes / Or from Facebook

Moving along, it’s time to listen to the nostalgic strains of “Listen to Your Heart”. Broomestix gave the track a goose with some Dutch house sensibilities. While the DHT gets you on the floor, the house keeps you dancing. Check it out.

Listen to Timbuktu (Broomestix Bootleg) – Broomestix / Or from Facebook

Keeping the pace up, this song declares its house intentions with a moderately long intro. DJ Koyote then gives the real start of the song with catchy party chanting. Soon enough we’re back into the electro house territory with the instrumental. It’s a fun one. Enjoy.

Lets Get Wild (Koyote Bootleg) – Candyland, Deorro, Steve Aoki / Or from SoundCloud

This track starts like a Western, hooves clopping and guitar slowly twanging. Elocnep uses this intriguing intro to build swiftly into a song with a breakneck pace. The intensity with which Elocnep pulls these tracks into one song is stunning. Give it a listen.

Hold A Milli While You Pull Up Your Bonfire – Elocnep / Or from SoundCloud

The next song is not as frenetic but is driven and insistent. Reuben Keeney had a brilliant idea when he decided to combine Mord Fustang and Snow Patrol. Fustang’s instrumentals are almost impossible to beat and Snow Patrol has always been good at vocal hooks. Together it is a beautiful song. Check it out!

Shut Your Taito (Reuben Keeney Mashup) – Snow Patrol x Mord Fustang / Or from YouSendIt

And of course I’m finishing with a track from the master. Mashup-Germany always makes amazing mashups, and this is no exception. While it may be easier for DJs to use instrumentals from rap or house songs to pull songs together, that sometimes leaves out beautiful options from rock or indie songs. Mashup-Germany, ignoring convention, uses guitar riffs, handclaps, and piano lines to put together a beautiful mashup that combines Simon & Garfunkel with the Kooks, Vanessa Carlton, and more! Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Lazy Boxer & Naive Tales – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mega

BONUS: No one should be surprised that this happened. DJ Schmolli just thought of it first. Have fun with it!

Harlem Shake Gangnam Style (2013) – DJ Schmolli / Or from