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Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXVIII

September 23, 2013

a unique heart for mashups
It’s been awhile. And since it’s Fri- since it’s the weekend- since it’s Monday… It’s time for mashups? Well it’s time and past time for mashups so I’m going to throw these up and you’re just going to have to enjoy them. Oh well.

Opening with the powerful and iconic synth line of Basto’s “Again and Again”, Chonald builds a beautiful mashup. Using the beautiful vocals from “No Beef” this song starts out beautiful and stays strong all the way through. Check it out!

No Beef Again in the Mammoth – Chonald / Or from SoundCloud

The Two Friends put this mashup together awhile ago and it’s about time I put it up. They successfully combine pop EDM from the current scene with pop from another. Jackson 5 adds a certain spice to this otherwise excellent mashup. Give it a listen.

Battle Scars (The Two Friends 25K Mashup) – Lupe Fiasco x Jackson 5 x Zedd ft. Foxes x Avicii ft. Salem Al Fakir / Or from Facebook

Dionysus teamed up with Poppingmelons to make this mashup, beginning with Coldplay. Building from that solemn start, they add dubstep, pop R&B and EDM. It builds to a very satisfying dubstep hook. Enjoy it!

Holy Paradise (Au5 x Jay Z x Nero x Coldplay x Seven Lions) – Dionysus and Poppingmelons / Or from SoundCloud

KDrew mashed up Aerosmith with one of his own songs. That means classic rock meets some wild dubstep featuring some rather industrial sounds. Check it out.

CitaDream (KDrew Mashup) – KDrew x Aerosmith / Or from SoundCloud

As usual, mashups that Koyote puts together sound like they were meant to be put together that way despite the diverse amount of material they draw from. Featuring a barebones electro hook, this song pulls the listener in. Give it a listen!

Wildfire (Koyote Bootleg) – Skrillex vs Dog Blood vs Birdy Nam Nam vs A$AP ROCKY vs KRUNK! / Or from Facebook

Using some of the same vocals as the previous song, DJ Schmolli gives this mashup a very different sound by throwing the Cure under the spotlight. Along with that this turns into a drum and bass track in no time. It’s a great party track. Enjoy it!

Never Hold Back Hooligans In Heaven From Goin’ In – DJ Schmolli / Or from ZippyShare

KTHRSIS does mashups in a style that I don’t really like. They put together songs in a simple A+B format, but then lose interest and switch it up after a minute or so. This means there are some awesome mini mashups inside every song but I feel they are never fleshed out enough. While this bugs me in a listening at home context, it is great in a live show context. Check out all the great mini-mashes in this track.

American Gangsta – KTHRSIS / Or from SoundCloud

DOSVEC is always quick to mash up a new pop hit and I for one am grateful. It means that I almost never have to listen to originals if I don’t feel like it. This time DOSVEC gives Miley Cyrus’s latest a festive EDM makeover, utilizing playful synth lines for the verses and heavy duty festival house synths for the chorus. This is a great one to include in a dance set. Give it a listen and have a great week!

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus vs Dave Darell) – DOSVEC / Or from Facebook

BONUS: How could I make a mashup post without a song from Mashup-Germany? I couldn’t. So here it is. Another masterpiece. Mashup-Germany’s genius truly shows when he combines rock songs. Combining AWOLNATION, Metallica, Queen, Blink-182, System of a Down, and Robyn is an accomplishment and should be properly appreciated as such. Mashup-Germany uses Avicii to tie the loose ends together and it all comes together beautifully. Enjoy.

The Rock Harmony – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LVI

July 27, 2012

You know what I haven’t done in far too long? That’s right! Blogged mashups. It’s been almost two months! That’s far too long in my opinion. So ready or not here come the mashups. And you know what the long wait means right? I’ve been accumulating quite a few mashups and so I’ve got the creme de la creme for you in this post. Ready? Here we go.

How better to start than with the Lion King opening? I know this is ancient but it is hysterical and worth a rehash for anyone who hasn’t heard it. djDOYOU (now going by SmithAgentSmith) has a full album of Disney mashups which are fun but this is definitely the best of them. Also the video is perfect, and I usually don’t say that, so consider checking it out. Give it a listen!

Stuntin Like Mufasa (Simba vs. Lil Wayne) – djDOYOU / Or Full Album from DatPiff

The Two Friends have been enjoying quite some success and recently put their first single on iTunes. To celebrate they dropped several excellent mashups and this is my favorite. Who knew that Third Eye Blind would match Matisyahu so flawlessly. This is a must-hear track. Check it out.

One Blind Whistle-Blower – the Two Friends / Or from Facebook

Now let’s let “Starships” get a progressive house rerub. 3lau just released his latest mashup album and it is excellent. This might be my favorite track on the album. Catchy and dance-y, 3lau just can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

These Are The Days (3LAU Edit) – Audien (Feat. Ruby Prophet & Nicki Minaj) / Or Full Album from Facebook

Mighty Mike has been a favorite mashup artist of mine for ages, and this mashup just reinforces that. It’s weird and fun and fits strangely well. Men At Work and M83… Huh. Give it a listen and I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

City down under – Mighty Mike

I can’t go two months without mashups without posting a track from Jimi Needles. The king of funky mashups does it again with this attitude filled rendition of “Single Ladies”. Check it out!

Singles Ladies (Gimme All Your Love) – Jimi Needles / Or from SoundCloud

San Dalva is a new group to me, submitted via email. With this track Dalva proves that they deserve to be heard by all. “Rack City” has never sounded so hardcore. Enjoy.

City Sauce (San Dalva’s Spicy Homemade Recipe) – San Dalva / Or from Facebook

I’ve heard a lot of remixes of “Wide Awake” and I’ve heard some amazing versions of it. This one of those amazing ones. Madeon can make anything sound epic and TeeTs makes sure that this is one of those. This track feels epic now which is not a term easily applied to Katy Perry. Give it a listen.

Wide Awake for the Finale (TeeTs Mashup) – Madeon vs. Katy Perry / Or from Facebook

Mashup-Germany has put out a ton of mashups in the last two months that deserve a listen or three, but we’ll start with this one. Basing a track around Blink 182 is a good start in my book, and adding current pop music just seems to make sense. Check it out.

I miss you via payphone – Mashup-Germany / Or from Facebook

Now I have to end on a dramatic note, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a mashup quite as dramatic as this. Dan Mei combines Marilyn Manson with Nightwish in a mashup that is as over the top as it is good. Enjoy it and have a great weekend!

Last Ride Of The New Shit – Dan Mei / Or from


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXXVIII

November 18, 2011

Well it’s Friday, and I have no shortage of mashups. In fact I have surplus. What am I going to do with them all? I think I’ll increase the standard number I post on Fridays. Let’s get started!

My man Greg says this may be his favorite mashup out there. So it’s only right that I post it. Stevie Wonder never sounded so metal. And it works for him. He might want to try a collaboration in the future. Wax Audio masterminds this surprising mix. Give it a listen.

Sad But Superstitious – Wax Audio / Or from Mediafire

The White Panda decided to go for a little harder content this week. Not only are they Raging Against the Machine but they are raging in true Skrillex style. Enjoy.

Testify It – The White Panda / Or from Mediafire

As always, Daigo brings the funk. This track feels practically klezmer. But with the rap vocals it feels like an urban gypsy track. Check it out.

It’s Like That – Daigo / Or from Mediafire

Okay, it’s time for two takes on “Paradise”. Norwegian Recycling decides that Elton John would be an ideal addition. Do you agree? I like it but I have friends who don’t. Give it a listen and decide. Spotted on Good Music All Day.

Paradise – Norwegian Recycling / Or from Mediafire

And here’s option two. Which do you prefer? Mashup-Germany thought that LMFAO would fit in nicely. And they do. Enjoy!

Paradise (Infinity and you know it) [Radio Edit] – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

I don’t think there’s any drama between Rihanna and Avicii, but the Jane Doze combined them nonetheless. This Avicii song has been mashed up a fair amount lately. I think it’s because “Levels” was so successful, they figured this song would be too. While in most mashups, the artists have been painfully wrong, the Jane Doze are entirely correct in this track. The two songs fit seamlessly. Check it out. Spotted on Cause Equals Time.

We Found Darkness (The Jane Doze Mashup) – Rihanna // Avicii / Or from Mediafire

Here’s another track using that Rihanna song. Which do you like better? I like the span of genres that The Musicmatician only drawing upon female pop stars. Listen to it.

Dreaming of Love and Drugs (Rihanna x Kesha x Beyonce x Nicki Minaj) – The Musicmatician / Or from Mediafire

Sick of Avicii yet? Too bad. Mashup artists are just getting into the swing of things. DJ Schmolli wants a stab at Avicii too. I think he gives it an intense sound that most mashups of Avicii miss. The guitar helps too. I especially like the hints of t.A.T.u. in the chorus. Enjoy! Spotted on MashupTown.

Cruelly Good Summer Feeling – DJ Schmolli / Or from Mediafire

How about now? Are you sick of Avicii now? Good. So are Bærs and they made this track to show it. I started laughing hysterically when I first heard this, and now when I listen to it I just enjoy it. Bærs have this habit of making mashups that sound like they’ve been thrown together haphazardly but that upon actual listening are intricate and original and unbelievably clever. Maybe they’re just lucky but I think it’s more likely that they’re just really talented. Give this track a listen and enjoy your weekend!

I Feel Good (Avicii vs. Gorillaz vs. Black Eyed Peas) – Bærs / Or from Mediafire


Mein Land – Rammstein [NSFW]

November 11, 2011

WARNING: The video above contains nudity. Don’t get fired.

So I have an absolutely mind-blowing amount of stuff to get done this weekend, but I still want to make a quick post about this new Rammstein song. In case you’re not so into the metal scene, Rammstein is a German hard rock/metal group that have been together for-bloody-ever. Today they put out their new single, ‘Mein Land.’ I can’t post a free download link to the track itself, but the video is at the top. If you like it, you should buy it! (Links you to iTunes – I hate them, but it’s the best way to get the track in the US right now.)


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XI

April 1, 2011

Happy Friday! I survived my second trip on the Megabus in a week and I’m hanging with my friends for a few more days. This is more interesting than you might think as I’ve been in a Megabus before that managed to rear-end a semi. On the highway. No one was hurt but everyone was late. This time I was right on time. My friends have drifted to sleep and now it’s time to make a post. A mashup post.

March Mashup Madness is over, but I would say it was quite a success. I think a mashup post the day after should lessen the pain for everyone. Here’s a track from one of our stars, Mashup-Germany. This album dropped two days ago and here’s one of the tracks on it. Enjoy!

Hold yuh (Reggae Allstars) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

The White Panda kicked off March Mashup Madness so it’s only appropriate that they posted the full tracks to more of the songs on their new album. This is one of the tracks I wanted them to finish first. And it’s yet another Mike Posner mashup, although the Dre in here is what really matters. Check it out.

D.R.E. Don’t Go – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

This song is always a pleaser (unless people already don’t like mashups, then they hate it). Very simple set up, very effective delivery. Pop music, meet older pop music. Success.

Tik Tok Together (doctordude Mashup) – Ke$ha vs the Beatles / Or from Mediafire

Next up we’re going for something a bit smoother than that one. These songs mesh seamlessly and together make a beautiful techno house track. Audio Lynch is CJR and Marc Johnce working together, two mashup artists I respect already, but together their work is flawless. Of course they made two mashups together and haven’t done anything since. Bummer. But this track is awesome. Check it out.

Easy Sun (Long Edit) [Disco Freaks (Freemasons Mix) Vs. Dragonette] – Audio Lynch / Or from Mediafire

Here’s an old Hood Internet track. I love this one. It makes a chill song more urgent and a fast song a little more chill. Together it’s a great song to cruise to late at night through empty streets and blue-white streetlights.

Cult Logic Forever (Drake vs Miike Snow) – the Hood Internet / Or from Mediafire

And now for something funny. I think this song was the mashup that tipped my friend from “I hate every mashup on principle” to “huh, this is fun”. I mean who would ever think that Abba could fit with Korn? Not I for sure. Would you? Well you can find out right now.

Mia Freaky Mamma (on a Leash) – Korn vs Abba / Or from Mediafire

This is really the last song today since March Mashup Madness is over and I won’t be posting a bonus mashup track. Thus you should savor this one a little extra. Titus Jones posted a full album this past month too. While this track wasn’t on the album, this should demonstrate some of the power this dude has over pop music. Have an awesome weekend!

Gimme More Marmalade – Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya / Or from Mediafire


Bass Down Low (Dubstep Minimix) – DJ Schmolli

March 13, 2011

Wow, I know right? Another post on the weekend? Crazy. DJ Schmolli commented on my post of his excellent industrial mashup EP and I visited his site and lo and behold, he had more music! Impressive seeing as he just put out the EP two weeks ago (and I think he put this out a week after). I love that mashup artists are doing dubstep now, it makes everything exciting! Enjoy a weekend March Mashup Madness mix, put together by the skilled DJ Schmolli. DJ Schmolli – Bass Down Low by djschmolli

Download from Mediafire


01.Dev ft. The Cataracs – Bass Down Low (Proper Villains Remix)
02.DJ Schmolli – Du hast Sandsturm (Vaski’s Darude Remix vs. Rammstein Bootleg)
03.Dylan Vasey – Blind Faith One Day (Chase & Status vs. Matisyahu Bootleg)
04.Britney Spears vs. Lil Jon – Hold It Against Me (dJ eSenTriK Dubstep Re-fix)
05.DJ Schmolli – Not Gonna Hold It Against Me (Britney Spears vs. t.A.T.u. Bootleg)
06.Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson – Wake Up Call (Datsik Remix)
07.Chase & Status ft. Tempa T – Hypest Hype
08.WTF!? & Dead Prez – It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop UK (Full Vocal Mix Explicit)


Synths and Wobs III

March 10, 2011

Any thoughts for a better name for these posts? I think this one’s kind of bland. Hit me up in the comments section if you have any thoughts on that. Thursday again and I’m poring over my iTunes to give you some stellar stuff. But do you realize how hard it is to find non-commercial tracks? i just realized that you can buy over three quarters of the dubstep i have on my computer on iTunes. Annoying when I’m trying to stick to a policy of only posting tracks you can’t buy (user submissions welcome, hint hint). Here’s what I got for ya. (Now it’s harder to do a blogroll on a mix of new and old tracks but here’s what I got: Dirty Laces, DecentlyDope, and Earmilk)

So to start off I’m posting a remix, that, though titled a dubstep remix, is so much more. I really meant to give this track its own post but time, work, and school got in the way. So I’m posting it in the Synths and Wobs because it dominates those. But they also throw down some a new verse on to this song giving it both meanings of the term remix (both reinventing the instrumental & messing with the vocals and adding a new verse to it to claim a track as partially theirs). AudioDax already had my deep respect for some of their original stuff and now they throw some serious skills (a bit of 8bit and dubstep too) onto a remix of Mike Posner. Sick.

Cheated (AudioDax Dubstep Remix) – Mike Posner / Or from Mediafire

Next up we got pop song given a new dubstep home. Taio Cruz and Ke$ha? Definitely pop. Wobs and Wobs? Definitely dubstep. This is another one of those tracks you can play at a dubstep dance party to get people excited to dance.

Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix) – Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha / Or from Mediafire

Is it that time again? Yep! Time for the requisite Skrillex track. This time it’s not remixed by Skrillex but a Skrillex track remixed by someone else (ie Crystalised, an artist I’m having trouble tracking back…). But anyways, it’s got all the rage you could ask for. And they throw in the “oh my god!” past the halfway mark which seems to be in tons of songs these days (isn’t it from some youtube video with cups? I can’t remember…).

Kill Everybody (Crystalised remix) – Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

Now I’m still not sure how I feel about this track. I love the idea of dubstep remixes of metal, but I don’t think that this attempt really does it justice. What do you think?

Wake Up (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix) – Suicide Silence / Or from Mediafire

On to the remixes of popular songs! This has been circulating the blagosphere for couple of weeks that I’ve seen. It’s fun but not as well put together as it could have been. Just wait for the Cudi track I’m sharing, that is well put together. You’ll see the difference. This one keeps to sparse aesthetic that Jay-Z started with and should be running faster and more hectic than it is. But it’s still a good track.

Big Pimpin'(SUBshockers Dubstep Remix) – Jay-Z / Or from Mediafire

Next up someone remixed Bulletproof. There’s something about those airy female vocals that just attracts dubstep producers, I’m telling you. Enjoy it.

Bulletproof (Foamo’s Dubstep Remix) – La Roux / Or from Mediafire

This track is triumphant as hell. Wow. This artist took my favorite part from Cudi’s track and expanded it into a beautiful electronic song in its own right. It’s heavily dubstep influenced but that lightning quick synth solo in the second half of the song comes from another genre. This song just makes you feel like you’re winning. Perfect track to end on.

Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix) – Kid Cudi / Or from Mediafire

PS So it’s been called to my attention that the plugin I’m running to play mp3s on my site has an intermittent glitch with Firefox where pressing play on one song after listening to another song all the through can play both songs simultaneously. This happening to anyone else? Any thoughts on a solution? My programming knowledge extends about as far as html and java…