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Hello – Chad Future

September 20, 2013

Chad Future

Besides the numerous English remixes that he has worked on, Chad Future also has a professional music career with his own official tracks! The first anniversary for his official work just past a few days ago, so let’s take a look back at his debut song. Branding his style AKpop (American Kpop), he takes some fun techno beats, tosses in some Korean, stylizes the MV in typical Kpop fashion, and gives us “Hello”. This very much feels like the opposite of what you would usually hear in a Kpop song; while they tend to be mostly Korean with only a tad of English, this is mostly English with some Korean sprinkled in. Reactions were very hit or miss when this dropped, the reasons for which I could fill a whole other blog post with. I don’t really see what the issue is though. This is an exciting track, showcasing his confidence and lyrically acting as an introduction and explaining his mixing of musical styles. I really like what he’s trying to do, too. This provides an interesting twist to the music scene, and if this gets big, who knows what else could happen? While it’s yet to be seen how far this will be taken (he’s only released two official songs, the second of which is completely in English), I’m really looking forward to what else he has to offer. A full album does seem to be in the works according to his tweets, so hopefully we’ll hear more from him in the future! If you’re interested in getting “Hello”, you can find it over at iTunes.


Remix Face Off

September 13, 2013

One remix is great, but how about two? It’s not very often that the same song gets remixed by two different people, but when it does it’s always a treat! You can compare each remixer’s personal style, see how they approach the same song in their own way, and ultimately it means more good music to go around.

Girls' Generation

Today we’ll be looking at “The Boys”, a song from Girls’ Generation’s third album sharing the same name. This album happened to be an international release, and the title track was released in both English and Korean, leaving remixers with the choice of which language to work with. First up, we have another remixer to introduce, DJ Epitone. Epitone is closely linked to the dance scene, using his DJ skills and club banging sounds to make each of his productions something you’ll want to move to. With “The Boys”, he’s added a fast, exciting electric sound to go along with his vocally distorted chorus. If you enjoyed the style of editing in the remix that was featured earlier this week, this mix will be right up your alley. The ending is especially awesome! Although the link provided is of the English remix, Epitone also remixed the Korean version and I’ve embedded a music video for it.

The Boys (Epitone Club Remix) – Girls’ Generation / Or From SoundCloud

For the second remix, in a completely different style, Areia Creations offers their dubstep mix of “The Boys”. When this was first released, I was shocked. This was back before mainstream Kpop had begun experimenting with dubstep, and I hadn’t expected anything like this to ever come out. Surprising as it was, Areia made it work and it sounds amazing. Dark and dirty, this has got some sick drops and everything you’d want from a good dubstep song.

The Boys (Areia Dubstep Remix) – Girls’ Generation / Or From Mediafire

This series may not last terribly long considering how many instances there are of this happening, but I hope to keep it going for as long as I can! Let me know who you think wins this remix face off!


Tonight (REX NEONNITE Remix) – Big Bang

September 10, 2013

Big Bang

With the recent release of G-Dragon’s solo album, I figured now would be an appropriate time to cover a Big Bang remix! Rex is a remixer who specializes in electro and club sounds when it comes to his work. What I enjoy the most with this particular remix of “Tonight” by Big Bang is the extensive amount of vocal editing that’s been done. While this is a bit of a minimal remix considering the background, the vocals are really where this remix shines. The various repetition/distortion effects are a nice addition to this upbeat and poppy song. I especially enjoy the string of reps near the end of the song. If you’re looking for more songs by Big Bang, take a look at the rest of the mini album over at iTunes.

Tonight (REX NEONNITE Remix) – Big Bang / Or from SoundCloud


Growl (English Remix) – Chad Future

September 2, 2013

Chad Future

This week sees a bit of an unorthodox remix; rather than being a musical remix this is a lyrical one. What Chad Future does for his remixed work is, instead of changing up the background music and adding his own sound, he keeps the original instrumental and writes his own English lyrics for the song. He even makes his own music videos to boot! In his latest remix of Exo’s “Growl”, he brings his own lyrical flare to this slower, R&B feeling song. While I will admit the flow seems a bit odd in some places in the song in comparison to the original, that’s to be expected when there’s a change in languages. Still, he offers some witty, catchy lyrics and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t easier on the ears since it’s in English. For those of you looking to warm up to the sounds of Kpop without crossing that language barrier just yet, Chad Future’s a great place to start! If you’re interested in the original, you can find Exo’s “Growl” and other songs from their album “XOXO” at iTunes.

Growl (English Remix) – Chad Future / Or from SoundCloud


Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – Sistar

August 26, 2013

Hi folks! I am a new author here, haptic! I have been given the opportunity to contribute to this blog and will focus almost exclusively on the genre of Kpop. Kpop, or Korean pop, is a stylized genre of music which encompasses not only their own unique style of pop, but rock, rap, hip hop, electro, and more recently, dubstep themes as well. They’re also widely known for the intricate choreography showcased in their music videos. So for those of you who don’t mind a bit of a language barrier, I hope to show you some gems from the Kpop world. In an attempt to keep with the theme of this blog, I’ll try to stick to remixes and (if I can find some) mashups. There’s only a handful of prominent remixers in the community though, so names will start repeating themselves eventually. That being said, since most of my knowledge is on the main groups themselves and not on the remixers, I will also be splashing in some original (nonremixed) reviews here and there.




For our first review, we’ll be looking at a remix from Areia Creations for the song “Give It To Me” by Sistar. The original song is the title track from the group’s second album, which shares its name. Areia Creations is a growing team that produces some of the finest electro and trance remixes I have had the pleasure of hearing. Their unique sound can turn any track into a club worthy song, and the latest Sistar release is no exception. What originally went along to stable piano beat and felt very much like a musical song (think Moulin Rouge, though that might be the MV imprinting its visuals on me) was transformed into something more upbeat and dance worthy. It still manages to retain the strong emotions conveyed through the lyrics. This song is about a woman who simply wants love. She cries every night yearning for love from a man who left her. Check out the MV below for a complete translation of the lyrics if you’re interested, just make sure captions are on and set to English! Overall this is a great remix and an enjoyable song, even if you haven’t heard the original. If you want to support Sistar or check out some other songs from the album, you can purchase them over at iTunes. I hope you all enjoy!



 Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – SistarOr from SoundCloud


Gangnam Style (Candyland’s OG Remix) – PSY

December 17, 2012


I know we just had Candyland up, but I found some of their trap work not too long ago and I’ve been really digging it. And since we haven’t had a Gangnam Style remix in at least 12 minutes, I thought this one deserved a little recognition. This is just a fun, danceable trap take on the well-known K-pop track. Not super clever since everyone’s remixed this song, but this is the one remix that stood out. Check it out.

Gangnam Style (Candyland’s OG Remix) – PSY / Or from SoundCloud


Gangnam Style (Coming in Static Remix) – PSY

August 20, 2012

So a friend asked me to play “Gangnam Style” by PSY at my next party and it got me wondering what kinds of remixes were out there. So I started mining SoundCloud for the best. Here’s one of my favorites. Coming in Static takes the song and keeps about one verse and the chorus then adds a ton. Heavy drums and some heavy bass added to a chopping and screwing of the track makes for some pretty epic breakdowns. Where the original is something you have to do the horse prance dance to, this one you can bob your head to and feel cool. By the way if you haven’t heard the original, you should. Enjoy!

Gangnam Style (Coming in Static Remix) – PSY / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: A little background for those of you who are confused. PSY is a South Korean pop/rap artist. “Gangnam Style” is crazy popular there and its popularity has leaked to the rest of the world via the internet. I think of this song as the South Korean equivalent of “Party Rock Anthem”. The video that comes with the song is ridiculous and showcases some pretty fun looking dancing based around horse riding… And as I said, if you haven’t yet seen the original, you need to fix that. Allow me to help.