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Beautiful Light – Uppermost

July 20, 2016


It’s Wednesday. For me that means it’s time for some chill music that will get me going and in a relaxed mood. Uppermost provides. The song starts off with a vocal sample and soon gains a casual drum line that always reminds me of a loping run. Added samples weave in and out of each other, making the song jazzy with the aid of reverb and a lovely relaxed backing tune. The vocal samples give the song a couple different hooks, starting with one, breaking into a second about halfway through. And then at one point the sample is allowed to break out of the loop, revealing that the source is Michael Jackson’s vocals from “Say Say Say.” I couldn’t say with any certainty whether the sampled hooks are all from the same song, chopped and screwed as they are. All in all it’s a lovely song, relaxing and beautiful with a hint of nostalgia. I hope this helps smooth out your hump day!

To download this track for free from the artist, go to SoundCloud and click download.

Want the whole album? You can download it free by clicking here.


Endlessly – Haywyre

March 9, 2016


Haywyre‘s creative grasp of glitch hop has always arrested my attention. His latest release, “Two Fold, Pt. 2,” is no exception. “Endlessly” opens with filtered vocals but quickly shifts focus to a wailing synth line that sounds like the secret love child of an electric guitar and an alto sax. The song develops organically, energetically, returning to the vocals once you’ve practically forgotten they existed, then back to the funky synth line, eventually dissolving into beautiful arpeggiating piano lines. It’s soulful and funky and well worth your time. Check it out.

To download this album from the artist, click here.


Priorities – OHD

December 25, 2015

Alan Watts

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.” OHD opens their track, “Priorities,” with this lovely quote from Alan Watts. As the intro finishes, horns take the fore and lead a relaxed, jazzy track with a simple hip hop drum beat. The piano gets its time in the spotlight before returning to the repetition of the core of the song. This song is entirely instrumental apart from the voice of Alan Watts, and it works. It’s a wonderfully relaxed song that is easy to sink into and enjoy.

After considerable searching, I’ve concluded that OHD no longer exists. I found YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud accounts all with similar 404 messages of no longer being active. I feel like if they had decided to change names, they wouldn’t have simply deactivated their accounts. As it is, I’m using a version of the song rehosted by Holy Chill, where you can find lots of other excellent chill music.

To download the track from Holy Chill, click here.


A Rapid Burst of EDM VI

December 30, 2013

Brilliant shot of a glover ready to give a light show via
It’s been awhile, folks, and I apologize for that. I needed a vacation, I suppose. But I’m back now and I bet you can guess what my New Year’s Resolution is… It’s also been ages since the last time I rounded up some EDM, so I offer these songs of dance and party as tokens of my regard. Let’s get to it!

Let’s start with something fresh. Pegboard Nerds released “Coffins” four days ago. They use the vocals of MisterWives’s song “Coffins” and provide a whole new backing to it. This remix starts out with distinctive plucked strings and wastes no time in presenting the vocals, slightly sped up, to lead in to a build and drop. The song goes from DnB to trap, from indie pop to electro, and all in a satisfyingly catchy package. Enjoy it!

Coffins – Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives / Or from Facebook

Now let’s follow up with something older. Also under the Monstercat label, Stephen Walking and Soulero released this song over six months ago and I’ve been meaning to share it ever since. With pounding lines reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner’s complextro music, “Ampersand” is a brilliant instrumental EDM track, ready for enjoyment. Check it out!

Ampersand – Stephen Walking & Soulero / Or from Facebook

Here’s another one I’ve been meaning to share for an age or two. Perkulat0r remixed Minnesota’s song “Stardust Redux” about five months ago. It is delicious. Filled with incredible wobbles on top of the beauty of the original song, this song delivers dubstep without the over the top brostep shrieks and screams. This is a chill dubstep song, wobbling and bubbling in the background, adding a bit of ominous bass to an otherwise ethereal song. Give it a listen!

Stardust Redux (Perkulat0r Remix) – Minnesota / Or from Gravitas

Premiered on ThisSongIsSick, LOUDPVCK‘s remix of “Fuzzy Peach” is a glitched out and banging trap song that features chiming synths, vocals reminiscent of Die Antwoord, and some distorted bass beats. This song is party ready. Enjoy it.

Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix) – Brillz & Minxx / Or from ThisSongIsSick

Amp Live of Zion I and Dom of Big Gigantic teamed up to put together this exciting track. Featuring chopped and distorted vocals, saxophone, and heavy wobbly bass, this song feels epic in its choices of genre bending. Live saxophone and drums shift into a much more dubstep-trap sound. Check it out!

Brass Knuckles (ft. Dom of Big Gigantic) – Amp Live / Or from Facebook

LeDoom released the single “Glow” as part of the “Play Me Records 50K Compilation” release. It’s big house, full of gorgeous synth lines followed by stacatto synth bursts punctuated by the reverb that gives big house its name. As usual, LeDoom delivers the goods. Give it a listen!

Glow – LeDoom / Or from SoundCloud

And I thought it would be good to end with something fun. Remember what the fox says? Or was that too long ago to be relevant? Tom Budin remixed this overplayed Ylvis song and did us all a great service. The original was on the verge of being a great (if rather inane) pop-EDM track. Budin’s remix gives it an edgier but still pop-y instrumental. The beauty of this remix is obvious in the chorus, where Budin cuts all the annoying theoretical animal noises and replaces it with an electronic hook. I think Ylvis was rather clever in choosing to subvert musical conventions by replacing the hook with something ridiculous and off-putting, but Budin’s version makes this song something to dance to. Enjoy it!

What Does The Fox Say (Tom Budin Remix) – Ylvis / Or from Facebook


Amber Shade Pt. III: 「Siam Breeze」- Snow Fox Apprentice

September 24, 2013

Traverse album art
Snow Fox Apprentice is back with another EP filled with fantastic sounds of nujazz and hip hop. If you don’t remember his previous work, “Wanderlust”, be sure to check that out here. The new EP is entitled “Traverse” and you can listen to and download it here. “Amber Shade Pt. III: 「Siam Breeze」” is a gorgeous track, filled with sweet piano lines and steadfast drum beats. Atmospheric string synths fill out the song and bring it together. The song is at once mournful, nostalgic, and resolute; relaxed yet alert. This song is powerful and engaging. For more like it, be sure to check out the album. Enjoy it.

Amber Shade Pt. III: 「Siam Breeze」- Snow Fox Apprentice / Or from BandCamp


Another Lie – TRAEDONYA!

September 16, 2013

TRAEDONYA! has released her first single from her debut EP “High Fructose Corn Syrup”. “Another Lie” treats on a situation that, sadly, is widely shared by many in relationships. Being lied to in a relationship is always a sad and angering event, but complaining about being lied to is just the tip of the iceberg here. TAEDOONYA is addressing the stress and emotional pain of being treated like you’re crazy for being concerned about it, like you’re being unreasonable for not seeing it their way, like you’re making a big deal out of nothing. This is infuriating, a way to belittle someone and make them doubt themselves. Some call this gaslighting (for more on this, read this article). TRAEDONYA!’s lyrics give an account much like this with a message that she sees what they’re doing and she isn’t going to put up with it. It’s a very cathartic song. It’s sound combines jazz and funk with powerful and versatile vocals that prompted the UK press to call her sound “hipopera”. This song starts out with a lounge singer purr which crescendos to a powerful R&B chorus. Very enjoyable. Check it out!

Another Lie – TRAEDONYA!


Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – Sistar

August 26, 2013

Hi folks! I am a new author here, haptic! I have been given the opportunity to contribute to this blog and will focus almost exclusively on the genre of Kpop. Kpop, or Korean pop, is a stylized genre of music which encompasses not only their own unique style of pop, but rock, rap, hip hop, electro, and more recently, dubstep themes as well. They’re also widely known for the intricate choreography showcased in their music videos. So for those of you who don’t mind a bit of a language barrier, I hope to show you some gems from the Kpop world. In an attempt to keep with the theme of this blog, I’ll try to stick to remixes and (if I can find some) mashups. There’s only a handful of prominent remixers in the community though, so names will start repeating themselves eventually. That being said, since most of my knowledge is on the main groups themselves and not on the remixers, I will also be splashing in some original (nonremixed) reviews here and there.




For our first review, we’ll be looking at a remix from Areia Creations for the song “Give It To Me” by Sistar. The original song is the title track from the group’s second album, which shares its name. Areia Creations is a growing team that produces some of the finest electro and trance remixes I have had the pleasure of hearing. Their unique sound can turn any track into a club worthy song, and the latest Sistar release is no exception. What originally went along to stable piano beat and felt very much like a musical song (think Moulin Rouge, though that might be the MV imprinting its visuals on me) was transformed into something more upbeat and dance worthy. It still manages to retain the strong emotions conveyed through the lyrics. This song is about a woman who simply wants love. She cries every night yearning for love from a man who left her. Check out the MV below for a complete translation of the lyrics if you’re interested, just make sure captions are on and set to English! Overall this is a great remix and an enjoyable song, even if you haven’t heard the original. If you want to support Sistar or check out some other songs from the album, you can purchase them over at iTunes. I hope you all enjoy!



 Give It To Me (Areia Remix) – SistarOr from SoundCloud