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Sapient Dream – Slushii

July 27, 2016

Slushii (Photo by Donslens)

Here’s a bit of calm for your week. Slushii starts this song minimal, a staccato treble setting the stage before dropping a bit of a trap rhythm. Then a pitched up vocal swoops in, singing ambient soaring notes. It’s a moment of peace, a relaxed song that invites you to let go for the moment and take a deep breath before continuing on. Enjoy it.

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Beautiful Light – Uppermost

July 20, 2016


It’s Wednesday. For me that means it’s time for some chill music that will get me going and in a relaxed mood. Uppermost provides. The song starts off with a vocal sample and soon gains a casual drum line that always reminds me of a loping run. Added samples weave in and out of each other, making the song jazzy with the aid of reverb and a lovely relaxed backing tune. The vocal samples give the song a couple different hooks, starting with one, breaking into a second about halfway through. And then at one point the sample is allowed to break out of the loop, revealing that the source is Michael Jackson’s vocals from “Say Say Say.” I couldn’t say with any certainty whether the sampled hooks are all from the same song, chopped and screwed as they are. All in all it’s a lovely song, relaxing and beautiful with a hint of nostalgia. I hope this helps smooth out your hump day!

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Once In A While (feat. Sonya Kitchell) – Break Science

July 18, 2016


Break Science

I’m not going to make it to Big Dub this year, which is sad, but I’ve had several lovely vacations this summer already and that makes it less of a loss. But Big Dub is still very much on my mind. After my first Big Dub, in 2014, I had one track on replay – this one. Break Science threw down an amazing set, melding a live band with samples, synths, and electronic sensibilities. “Once In A While” was the perfect song to recover from an overstimulating weekend of dancing, meeting people, and not doing much in the way of sleeping. As such, it’s a good Monday song. A shuffling drumbeat pushes the song forward steadily, allowing the vocals to drift in and out of focus with the aid of copious amounts of reverb. The treble synths complement the airy vocals, trilling and echoing, while the bass synths keep the drums company, pushing forward steadily. Every part of this track is a little bit fuzzy, a little out of focus, and it is beautiful. Enjoy it, and if you’re going to Big Dub, enjoy that for me too.

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Never Be Alone – TheFatRat

May 28, 2016

TheFatRat - Never Be Alone

I realize it’s been a week since I’ve last posted, but I’ve been kept rather busy lately and probably will be for the next week or so. So here’s a song to tide you over for a bit. This is not the newest song from TheFatRat, but it’s an excellent track and well worth your attention. Starting out with a sweet chiming, this song introduces its tune quietly, almost shyly, before bursting into euphoric house chords to back it up. All shyness is abandoned as the beat drops and various “Woo!”s and “Hey!”s punctuate pauses. The shyness returns when the vocals arrive, sweet, honest, and a little unsteady, a child’s voice. They declare that “No. You’ll never be alone!” It’s a song brimming over with sweetness and earnestness. Enjoy it.

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Snowbound – Ahrix

May 16, 2016

stock snow

Ahrix offers a chill song in several senses. Opening with the whisper of a cold wind, a drum roll ushers in swelling chords and a sweet treble line. Eventually the beat drops and it sounds old school; electro, trance, or techno rhythms and synths. The breakdown introduces strings before returning to the fast paced child-like joy. It’s a sweet and cheerful tune. Savor it.

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tbh ily (Kidswaste Remix) – chet porter

May 2, 2016


Let’s have something chill today. Kidswaste‘s remix of Chet Porter certainly fits that bill. Starting off with a whisper, this track introduces strings and laidback synths before a relaxed drum roll joins in with sweet male vocals, sung in harmony with a pitched up set of vocals. It’s tentative and sweet and exact. Every note and beat and snap seems chosen to calm and warm the listener. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

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See You – Lope & Kantola

April 18, 2016

Lope & Kantola

Let’s enjoy the warmth this week has brought us and start off with a chill track from Lope & Kantola. Starting off with a relaxed guitar riff, this song builds by adding a chopped vocal sample that develops into the beginnings of lyrics as simple synth chords swell around them. While this track grows into some powerful music, it remains relaxed and groovy. Enjoy the song and enjoy the week!

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