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The Light Would Work For You – nimino

February 15, 2016

nimino - Photo taken by Ryan Fitz Photography

nimino has made some of my favorite chill music. It always sounds fresh and unhindered by genre convention. This latest track is one such track. It makes use of a crooning vocal distorted by taking the style of Kanye in “808s and Heartbreaks” to a level where the vocals express emotion without any intelligible words. This song pours out emotion. Opening with simple piano, the stage is set starkly, simply sad, while the vocals add a tender reverberating sense of loss. After nearly two minutes, nimino adds a drum section, a gentle rhythm that buoys the melody without overwhelming it. It’s practically a Drum & Bass rhythm, but more relaxed. Then a hint of tropical flavor is added with a gentle marimba line. It’s a gorgeous, emotional track that invites listeners rather than demands. I hope it starts your week off with a sense of calm.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


Ghost Assassin VIP – Maduk ft. Veela

December 28, 2015


Maduk made this song a few years ago and has revisited it a few times since to add to and tweak it a bit. I heard the VIP (variation in production) first, and it’s still my favorite version of this song. Showcasing Veela‘s gorgeous vocals and backed by a quietly urgent DnB drumroll, this song starts out strong and stays strong. In a lot of Drum & Bass tracks you can mostly ignore the lyrics and not lose much of anything, but not in this track. These lyrics are geek poetry. Now I don’t play StarCraft, but these lyrics excite the SciFi geek inside me regardless, of the origins. Just listen and you’ll see what I mean. The lyrics make this song whole and wholly great.

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Firefly – Submatik

December 23, 2015


“Firefly” is another track that became a favorite of mine this year. I’ve placed it in a playlist, along with Subtact’s “Indigo,” that I call “Improve” because it’s supposed to improve my mood. Submatik‘s track is easily labeled Drum & Bass, sporting the signature drum beat of that genre. But it also features a very active treble and mid-range melody that feels hopeful, like a fresh start, a sunrise, a hiker reaching the crest. Apart from the melody there’s a supporting synth line that pulses with the beat and interweaves, taking turns, with a quieter synth that pulses slower, evoking foghorns or distant sirens. Atop it all are a sprinkling of chopped vocal “oh”s and “ah”s. It’s a beautiful track.

To download this song from the artist, click here.


Mountains (ft. Diamond Eyes) – Said The Sky

December 21, 2015


Said The Sky is a new favorite of mine. I think the first track of his that I ever heard was “Run Away,” and its soaring beauty captured my attention and blew me away. “Mountains” is his latest offering, dropped last week, and its sweeping euphoric sound is everything I could hope for. Starting out with a playful synth, the song quickly introduces gorgeous male vocals from Diamond Eyes, who takes delight in each vowel, and shares that delight with us. Soon the track rises to a climactic drop of euphoric synths and a beat evoking Drum & Bass at a slightly slower pace. It’s a magnificent song and well worth your time. Give it a listen!

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A Rapid Burst of EDM VII

January 16, 2015

Lasers for your EDM
Wow. It looks like it’s been even longer than a year since I last did an EDM roundup. On the bright side, that just means I’ve had a lot of time to save up some awesome tracks for this. If you’re getting ready for the weekend, I hope this will help. Here we go!

Let’s start off with a song I was mooning over way back in May. Crywolf is just so good at making truly gorgeous dubstep. By focusing on beautiful vocal harmonies and melodic instrumentation they make “Eyes Half Closed” solidly pretty. Then they add sampled vocals as a hook on top of a simple dubstep bringing it up to beautiful. Then they transcend with an epic and euphoric chopped up crescendo. Listen and enjoy.

Eyes Half Closed – Crywolf / Or Pay With a Tweet

Now as epic as that is, it makes it a hard act to follow. But Dakat is quite good at making epic music too. The intro is solemn, preparing the way for great things. And the drop to “Ghost” is great. So great. It makes use of the now popular method of pulsing a synth to simultaneously evoke brass and project epicness. The beat goes between simple claps and a trap line. Check it out.

Ghost (Original Mix) – Dakat / Or Follow to Pay

For those trap fans among you who felt like the last track, while epic, didn’t have the cool dark vibe that trap sometimes has, here’s one for you to try. The artist aywy. put together this growling, sneering song “Murder” that just makes you feel cooler than anyone listening to other music. The Snoop sample is great and yet it’s actually the weakest part of the song. Give this one a listen.

Murder – aywy. / Or from Dropbox

And now for something completely different! OMFG has made one of the most quirky songs I’ve heard in a while. This song relies entirely on some chopped and screwed vocal samples turned into a synth set. Every so often you can actually understand the vocals and it’s lovely. This is a goofy song but also a surprisingly catchy glitch hop song. Try it out for size.

Hello – OMFG / Or from their Website

Sticking with the whimsy of the earlier song, TheFatRat‘s “Unity” is relentlessly happy. The song starts out using chiptune synths to introduce a very fun hook. Eventually this theme drops into a tropical house synth and a vocal breakdown. It’s sweet, fun, and satisfying. Enjoy it!

Unity – TheFatRat / Or from Facebook

AObeats & Manila Killa‘s song “Ming” has a bit of whimsy to it too. Every so often, to accent the rolling glissandos and trap 808s, there’s feline meow. Then it drops into an aggressive trap bass movement before returning to the lovely lonely treble of before. This track is excellent, fun, and, every so often, funny. Check it out.

Ming – AObeats & Manila Killa / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: I saw Figure over the summer at Moonrise Festival and I spent the beginning of his set maneuvering through the crowd to find the location with the best balanced sound. I was preparing for this song. And when it played, I went hard (more impressive when you consider how tired I was from the music and travel the day before). That’s right. In case you hadn’t heard, Figure remixed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and it is perfect. Starting mostly unaltered, this track quickly adds a chiptune ramp up before dropping into an intense drumstep hook. Sprinkled throughout the song are little samples from the show. Give it a listen and have an awesome weekend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Figure Remix) – TMNT / Or from SoundCloud


Heartburn – CONCORD DAWN

February 10, 2014

Concord Dawn
You know what we need more of? Drum N Bass. We could always use more. So here’s a track from Concord Dawn that I should have shared a year ago. Starting with an extended opening, this song builds up to its DnB sections. Before dropping the drums, the song builds a rattling synth line into a sense of anticipation ripe for the drop. A vocal sample keeps pace with the track and gives it an airy sense of disconnect, contrasting nicely with the exact reality that comes with the precise drum line. Enjoy it.

Heartburn – CONCORD DAWN / Or from SoundCloud


A Rapid Burst of EDM VI

December 30, 2013

Brilliant shot of a glover ready to give a light show via
It’s been awhile, folks, and I apologize for that. I needed a vacation, I suppose. But I’m back now and I bet you can guess what my New Year’s Resolution is… It’s also been ages since the last time I rounded up some EDM, so I offer these songs of dance and party as tokens of my regard. Let’s get to it!

Let’s start with something fresh. Pegboard Nerds released “Coffins” four days ago. They use the vocals of MisterWives’s song “Coffins” and provide a whole new backing to it. This remix starts out with distinctive plucked strings and wastes no time in presenting the vocals, slightly sped up, to lead in to a build and drop. The song goes from DnB to trap, from indie pop to electro, and all in a satisfyingly catchy package. Enjoy it!

Coffins – Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives / Or from Facebook

Now let’s follow up with something older. Also under the Monstercat label, Stephen Walking and Soulero released this song over six months ago and I’ve been meaning to share it ever since. With pounding lines reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner’s complextro music, “Ampersand” is a brilliant instrumental EDM track, ready for enjoyment. Check it out!

Ampersand – Stephen Walking & Soulero / Or from Facebook

Here’s another one I’ve been meaning to share for an age or two. Perkulat0r remixed Minnesota’s song “Stardust Redux” about five months ago. It is delicious. Filled with incredible wobbles on top of the beauty of the original song, this song delivers dubstep without the over the top brostep shrieks and screams. This is a chill dubstep song, wobbling and bubbling in the background, adding a bit of ominous bass to an otherwise ethereal song. Give it a listen!

Stardust Redux (Perkulat0r Remix) – Minnesota / Or from Gravitas

Premiered on ThisSongIsSick, LOUDPVCK‘s remix of “Fuzzy Peach” is a glitched out and banging trap song that features chiming synths, vocals reminiscent of Die Antwoord, and some distorted bass beats. This song is party ready. Enjoy it.

Fuzzy Peach (LOUDPVCK Remix) – Brillz & Minxx / Or from ThisSongIsSick

Amp Live of Zion I and Dom of Big Gigantic teamed up to put together this exciting track. Featuring chopped and distorted vocals, saxophone, and heavy wobbly bass, this song feels epic in its choices of genre bending. Live saxophone and drums shift into a much more dubstep-trap sound. Check it out!

Brass Knuckles (ft. Dom of Big Gigantic) – Amp Live / Or from Facebook

LeDoom released the single “Glow” as part of the “Play Me Records 50K Compilation” release. It’s big house, full of gorgeous synth lines followed by stacatto synth bursts punctuated by the reverb that gives big house its name. As usual, LeDoom delivers the goods. Give it a listen!

Glow – LeDoom / Or from SoundCloud

And I thought it would be good to end with something fun. Remember what the fox says? Or was that too long ago to be relevant? Tom Budin remixed this overplayed Ylvis song and did us all a great service. The original was on the verge of being a great (if rather inane) pop-EDM track. Budin’s remix gives it an edgier but still pop-y instrumental. The beauty of this remix is obvious in the chorus, where Budin cuts all the annoying theoretical animal noises and replaces it with an electronic hook. I think Ylvis was rather clever in choosing to subvert musical conventions by replacing the hook with something ridiculous and off-putting, but Budin’s version makes this song something to dance to. Enjoy it!

What Does The Fox Say (Tom Budin Remix) – Ylvis / Or from Facebook