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Alone (Vague WaveEdit) – Trampled By Turtles

January 25, 2016

Trampled By Turtles

Trample By Turtles is a well respected folk group that many of my friends are very enthusiastic about. So when I saw a remix of their music I was doubly intrigued. Vague Wave‘s take on this song is lovely. They preserve a ton of the instrumentation from the original: banjo, fiddle, etc. These act as the intro to their amped up synths and the build to their drops. I was very impressed by how well the two styles meshed. Vague Wave uses a bit of bass to back the mandolin (Maybe mandolin? Could be a bouzouki or even a banjo, my ear for folk instruments is pretty basic) and adds claps to build, transitioning seamlessly from the original to an entirely new and electronic hook. The new hook features sped up and chopped vocals to simulate a synth as well as synths sounding more like the xylophone. It’s a gentle song that builds to a triumphant punch. Enjoy!

To download this track from the artist, click here.


Little Bandit – The Heydaze

July 9, 2014

The Heydaze
We’ve had a lot of electronic dance music on here lately, not that I object, but I thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who wants something a bit more traditional. How about some summer-y pop rock? I was also introduced to The Heydaze in Fist In The Air’s summer playlist. After hearing a cover of theirs I had to listen to everything else they’ve made. It is all excellent. “Little Bandit” has swiftly become my favorite of their songs. It’s a charming song about falling for someone determined on stealing your heart. Accompanying the cute lyrics is an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a keyboard that might double as drumkit. Together they make a swaying summer instrumental. The lyrics are surprisingly mournful for the level of cuteness and cheerfulness in the sound. This may be borrowed from the ska tradition along with some of the summer-y guitar sections that approach reggae. Give it a listen and enjoy a mid-week break.

Little Bandit – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook

BONUS: Here’s the cover that I heard first. The Heydaze’s take on Tove Lo’s song “Habits” is fairly bare bones, starting out with nothing but acoustic guitar, snaps, and vocals. Yet it is engaging, adding instruments and crescendoing with the powerful lyrics of the hook. I’m not done enjoying variations on this song yet which is funny considering I find the original rather boring. I guess it had enough potential to captivate other musicians. The sentiment of the hook is an oldie but a goodie, that of drowning your sorrows. If you’re interested in a more EDM style version of this, check out Keys N Krates’s version here. Enjoy the song and have a great rest of the week!

Habits (Stay High) – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook


Words (Glastrophobie Remix) – Anna Graceman

June 24, 2014

Glastrophobie's art for 'Words'
I stumbled across Glastrophobie the other week while browsing through SoundCloud, and I’m very pleased I did. The German producer makes consistently good, chilled out, deep house music, remixing mostly acoustic-based pop rock songs featuring female vocals. His remix of Anna Graceman’s acoustic version of “Words” is gentle and adds elements slowly, building toward the back beat of house. Glastrophobie preserves Graceman’s piano, distorting the sound just a bit, while letting her vocals shine through. The lyrics are sad and sweet and the tune is beautiful. The remix is minimal but adds just enough to dance to and to play on the emotions the vocals stir. Enjoy.

Words (Glastrophobie Remix) – Anna Graceman / Or from Facebook


Out Of Season – Royale

December 31, 2013

Royale artwork
I gave you party music yesterday, so here’s something chilled out. Royale put out their self-titled debut album two weeks ago, and it’s quite good. “Out of Season” is short and sweet. Filled with warm acoustic guitar and dramatic drum rolls, this song is at once relaxed and hinting at high energy. The vocals are padded by reverb and vocal “ah”s. This is the perfect song if you’re gathering your energy, either in preparation of New Year’s Eve or in recovery the next morning. Enjoy it.

Out Of Season – Royale / Or from SoundCloud / Or from Amazon



August 8, 2013

When people learn just how in to music I am, often they ask the unanswerable question, “what’s your favorite band?”, “who’s your favorite artist?”, etc. Usually I make some sort of non-answer and talk about a song I’m really excited about at the time. But I have to say, more and more I think that Jhameel has become my favorite artist around. His music is endlessly creative, quirky, and addictive. His music is socially aware and his message is one of love over all. If none of that wows you, note that he has impressive linguistic skills in Arabic, Spanish, Korean, and Russian. This would have made him very valuable to the US Army, where he was once on his way toward becoming an officer, but he left due to the beliefs he holds about the U.S. presence in the Middle East. But I think what always sells it for me is his drop-dead gorgeous voice. Not to mention a very sweet smile.

I can’t recall ever fanboy-ing quite this hard before. If you follow the blog, you already know some of his songs, including, “White Lie“, “The Human Condition“, “Are You Free“, “Come and Lie“, and “Lost One“, among others. Jhameel is currently ramping up to release his new album “Lion’s Den”, and I am beside myself in anticipation. Here’s one of his album previews, showcasing two songs, “Warfield” and “Feisty”. Even these 40 second samples demonstrate the range of his style and creativity.

On top of all these wonderful qualities, Jhameel is a conscientious independent artist and releases most of his music free of charge as well as in retailers like iTunes and Amazon. To release his new album, promote it well, and set up a good tour, Jhameel needs a sizeable chunk of change, which would normally be provided by a music label. To that end he’s started a Kickstarter, and is well on his way to his goal of $10,000. I’ve already chipped in and hope that everyone who finds his music compelling can chip in too. Even one dollar is enough to help him on his way.

If those tiny song clips left you wanting more, I can help with that. “Foundation” is a song off of Jhameel’s “Dance” EP. You can hear how far Jhameel’s production has progressed from this to Lion’s Den. The simple, chipper, synth line drives this song forward as Jhameel’s vocals soar above for the hook and dance about them while singing a mantra of inner strength. It’s sweet, dance-y, and hopeful. Enjoy!

Foundation – Jhameel / Or from SoundCloud / Or from iTunes

And here’s a song that showcases a much more acoustic and emotional side to Jhameel. “Androgynous” is pure poetry addressing the flack he has received for not espousing a traditionally masculine personal image. His lyrics are beautiful and worth really thinking about. To represent this unity he sings the the verses in unison with a female voice as lovely as his and in the chorus they answer each other in call and response. The instrumental matches the gentleness with guitar and plucked and bowed strings. Enjoy it and please seriously consider supporting Jhameel.

Androgynous – Jhameel / Or from SoundCloud / Or from iTunes


Stellar – Johnny Rain

July 31, 2013

Johnny Rain is back, singing another song of love and hate and emotions all muddled together in a beautiful mess. He is rather great at singing the anti-love song. If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out Johnny Rain’s stellar previous work here. “Stellar” is backed by acoustic guitar and simple keyboard synths providing an atmosphere of intimate simplicity without sounding too bare-bones. The song is mournful, its hook making the compliment of stellar into a curse. Enjoy it.

Stellar – Johnny Rain / Or from SoundCloud


Catch (ENiGMA Dubz Mix) – Ed Geater

March 13, 2013

Well I’ve had a frustrating day. I’m sorry if the site has been down recently. I’ve changed some things around that should make it more reliable. ENiGMA Dubz dropped a remix yesterday that goes a long way to soothing my nerves. In an effort to help out a friend and musician, Ed Geater, reach 400 likes on Facebook, ENiGMA Dubz put out this remix of Geater’s song “Catch”. Then ENiGMA Dubz told all of his followers that he wouldn’t release a download link until Geater’s page reached 400 likes. It was very effective. Melding synths and drum beats with a song predominantly featuring acoustic guitar, ENiGMA Dubz maintains the dreamy sound of the original while enhancing the urgency and direction of the song. The song is relaxed and catchy and ready for warmer days. Give it a listen and chill out for at least four minutes and eleven seconds.

Catch (ENiGMA Dubz Mix) – Ed Geater / Or from SoundCloud