Dle Yaman (116 Deep Mix) – Hrααch

July 13, 2016


I recently spent some time in Berlin and found it to be an eye opening musical experience. Spending 16 hours straight immersed in Berlin club music, I gained a new appreciation for deep and tech house. I like the long build, the minimal synths, and the power the constant rhythm builds up. I love how much emotion can be implied and shared with just a few notes, a growl of bass here, or a pause there. Hrααch was not a DJ I heard in Berlin, but is a DJ I’ve come across since coming home and searching for more music that sounded like Berlin. This track features those slow builds and minimal synths, but it may be a bit easier to ease into for those new to the deeper side of house because it also features vocals. Hrααch started with an Armenian folk song about missing one’s love, a song that has taken on the connotation of a love lost permanently to death, and gave it a house makeover, preserving the mournful, ominous mood with his synth arrangements. Listen to it, and give it a chance to hook you, longer than you might in a 3 minute pop song. Let it wash over you.

To download this track for free from the artist, go to SoundCloud and click “Download.”

BONUS: Let’s keep the Deep House rolling! If you’re hooked by the last track, you’ll want more. So here’s a collaboration between Hrααch and Armen Miran that continues the vibe of the previous song. This one has no vocals, relying instead on a very expressive violin and a whole series of other synths and instruments providing tiny sets of notes to complement and continue the song. It’s all held together by the constant rhythm. Enjoy.

To download this track for free from the artist, go to SoundCloud and click “Download.”

Want to go deeper? For your independent study on Berlin House Music, check out this mix my friend put together after our 16 hours out dancing in Berlin.



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  1. I love the middle Eastern influences in this.

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