Contrast – Alexander Lewis

April 27, 2016

Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis put together an incredible ride for us in this song. The track starts off quiet, evoking a ticking clock, adding urgency before even adding volume intensity. But soon he adds foot stomping chords and rhythms that place this song somewhere between trap and glitch, drawing on the crunchy sounds of 8-bit and reverb. In case you weren’t sure the trap rhythms were really there, Lewis throws in an undeniably trap section around 1:50, aggressive and featuring male vocals shouting in vaguely dog-like “ruff”s. This is a triumphant melding of trap and electronic, in an unpredictable and satisfying package. Check it out.

To download this track from the artist, click here.



  1. We discovered that we could dance the polka to this quite nicely!

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