Where Are Ü Now – LIOHN X Jack Ü X Ember Island

March 16, 2016

Ember Island

Justin Bieber has reinvented himself a couple of times now it seems. I first came across him singing a sweet acoustic pop song he had written and accompanying himself on guitar in front of the Avon Theatre, looking about 12, very much working the young Michael Jackson appeal. A few years later Usher picked him up and he started making pop R&B songs. He’s attempted to make rap music, trying to distance himself from the image of sweet innocent youth. His work with Jack Ü goes back to that vulnerable, if rather typically emotional, pop sound and lyricism. The EDM influences brought in a whole new crowd of listeners however, as well as interested producers. LIOHN and Ember Island are two such interested parties. Together they have created a whole new song out of “Where Are Ü Now.” Ember Island’s sweet, understated vocals cut a lot of the pop whiny-ness that the original track featured. And LIOHN’s instrumental is magical, starting slow and timid, with simple piano chords, before eventually adding drums that build to a drop. The drop is surprisingly coy compared to most; it uses blurry, beautiful synth lines that don’t encourage frenetic dancing as much as they encourage release and relaxation. It’s a wonderful cover and reworking. Enjoy it!

To download this track from the artists, click here.


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