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RGF Island (Mayhem Edit) – Fetty Wap

March 30, 2016


Just a quick post today because I’m running late. Fetty Wap’s distinctive vocals (sort of a cry out to the night, mostly just one tone yet weirdly catchy) meet an excellent and engaging trap beat with the assistance of Mayhem. I’m definitely sold on this version. Are you?

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Mad World (DFLV & John Deeper Remix) – Hardwell ft. Jake Reese

March 28, 2016

John Deeper

DFLV and John Deeper chose a great song to remix here. Hardwell knows his business, choosing glorious vocals to feature in his pop house anthems. These passionate, soaring male vocals, coupled with a simple yet satisfying piano hook gives a sense of release that the best choruses all exude. Replacing Hardwell’s more frantic synths with piano relaxes the song and showcases the true power of the vocals. But they didn’t just make a stripped down acoustic version. They made a deep house version, keeping the dance rhythm while reducing its centrality to the song. Listen for yourself and you’ll hear what I mean.

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Go Crazy – Ruxxian

March 25, 2016


It’s Friday so let’s get some party music! Ruxxian provides us with some excellent dance music in his track “Go Crazy.” It’s big room music with elements of hardstyle and it’s excellent. Give it a listen and have a great weekend.

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Renegades (ft. Gabriella) – SAXITY

March 23, 2016


It’s Wednesday and that means we’re making some progress through the week. Here’s a song that shares a sense of moving forward. This beautiful deep house track has a deliberate and measured pace that feels slow despite following house rhythm conventions. SAXITY pulls together cello, violins, guitar, bass, and saxophone for this lovely cover of X Ambassadors track “Renegades.” You can check out the original here. On top of all this instrumental richness perches Gabriella‘s passionate vocals. It’s a sweet song, with inspiration in the lyrics and determination in the instrumental. Give it a listen.

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Falling (Wheathin Redo) – Opia

March 21, 2016


Has it been long enough of a wait to post another track from Wheathin? Good. Something about his driving synths is just so satisfying. This remix of  Opia is no exception. Don’t believe me? Listen close. That hook echoes itself, with a hint of rattling to it, the bass making you think it’s rattling something near your speakers. It has playful water droplet sounds and beautiful chill vocals. Enjoy!

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Rocket – ATOM

March 18, 2016


Happy Friday all! I want something bouncy to set the weekend mood right! So here it is! “Rocket” by ATOM starts off simple but quickly introduces a goofy synth line. I was doubtful at first listen that this would develop anywhere good. The tune of the hook was fine but the synth was comical to the point of annoyance. But before I got frustrated with the song, ATOM gave the hook a more bass heavy synth. With the added bass the hook suddenly hooked, becoming catchy and deeply satisfying – fulfilling the promise of a tune expressed by a silly synth. This chipper track has elements, like the tune/synth combination, that remind me of happy hardcore, a genre I’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for. As such, I’m going to call this genre “happy house” and enjoy the vibes. Listen and get in the mood for the weekend.

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Where Are Ü Now – LIOHN X Jack Ü X Ember Island

March 16, 2016

Ember Island

Justin Bieber has reinvented himself a couple of times now it seems. I first came across him singing a sweet acoustic pop song he had written and accompanying himself on guitar in front of the Avon Theatre, looking about 12, very much working the young Michael Jackson appeal. A few years later Usher picked him up and he started making pop R&B songs. He’s attempted to make rap music, trying to distance himself from the image of sweet innocent youth. His work with Jack Ü goes back to that vulnerable, if rather typically emotional, pop sound and lyricism. The EDM influences brought in a whole new crowd of listeners however, as well as interested producers. LIOHN and Ember Island are two such interested parties. Together they have created a whole new song out of “Where Are Ü Now.” Ember Island’s sweet, understated vocals cut a lot of the pop whiny-ness that the original track featured. And LIOHN’s instrumental is magical, starting slow and timid, with simple piano chords, before eventually adding drums that build to a drop. The drop is surprisingly coy compared to most; it uses blurry, beautiful synth lines that don’t encourage frenetic dancing as much as they encourage release and relaxation. It’s a wonderful cover and reworking. Enjoy it!

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