This Summer (Dropwizz ‘Future Trap’ Remix) – Maroon 5

February 5, 2016


Future seems to the adjective most used these days in the genre business. While future bass seems to mean almost anything, future house is firmly established and has a distinct sound. Now¬†Dropwizz¬†seems to be pushing for the establishment of future trap. I’m not sure this is the best term to use because he doesn’t seem to draw from the same hollow bass synth sounds that future house uses, instead adding a beautiful chaos of sparkling treble synths that edge into 8-bit here and there. It certainly doesn’t sound retro and neither does it sound like your standard trap remix. In that sense, Dropwizz is pushing for new and exciting sounds and genre synergy, moving us into the future.

Don’t let this boring genre musing scare you away from the song, though! This remix has one of the most expressive hooks I’ve heard in awhile, taking time off from following a melody in order to evoke a wail of pain, following Adam Levine’s crooned, “this summer’s gonna hurt!” It’s a wonderful remix and truly enjoyable song.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


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