Lullabies (Myles.William Remix) – Yuna

February 3, 2016


Yuna’s “Lullabies” was one of those songs that swept the internet. Her mix of gorgeous soulful vocals and trip hop back beat caught the ear of many an aspiring producer (for bonus points compare the instrumental of her original track to the iconic “Teardrops” by Massive Attack). Adventure Club’s remix of it was probably the most successful version, likely more widely played than the original. Myles.William‘s remix was not on my radar until this year when I stumbled across it while looking for something moody. This remix certainly delivers moody. With a simple trap backing, piano, and vocal echoes, this song establishes itself firmly as a sorrowful song, but with a relentless forward momentum that demands not just floating in apathy, but being dragged along the currents. It’s beautiful and sad and well worth your attention.

To download from the artist, click here.


One comment

  1. we liked dancing to this one very much

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