Make Me Fade – Vanic X K.Flay

January 27, 2016


Ok you had better know this song by now. I’m blogging it because it’s wonderful and free. If you haven’t heard this yet, consider it required listening. Vanic has been making waves with his production and K.Flay has been making a name for herself as a vocal talent, but I think I first heard of both of them with this collaboration last year. This track presents both in the best possible light. K.Flay’s distinctive alto takes turns flirting with rap, throatily talk-singing, before committing fully to more traditional crooning, reverb pushed way up. Beneath the vocals, Vanic’s instrumental is catchy, layering a trap drum rhythm with a simple piano hook and a simple whistling synth line. This unobtrusive yet rather catchy, instrumental breaks into the foreground and presents an impressive and distinctive hook with a sliding treble synth. A liberal use of reverb gives the hook a massive feel. I’m sure it will stay a favorite for quite some time.

To download this track from the artist, click here.


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