Alone (Vague WaveEdit) – Trampled By Turtles

January 25, 2016

Trampled By Turtles

Trample By Turtles is a well respected folk group that many of my friends are very enthusiastic about. So when I saw a remix of their music I was doubly intrigued. Vague Wave‘s take on this song is lovely. They preserve a ton of the instrumentation from the original: banjo, fiddle, etc. These act as the intro to their amped up synths and the build to their drops. I was very impressed by how well the two styles meshed. Vague Wave uses a bit of bass to back the mandolin (Maybe mandolin? Could be a bouzouki or even a banjo, my ear for folk instruments is pretty basic) and adds claps to build, transitioning seamlessly from the original to an entirely new and electronic hook. The new hook features sped up and chopped vocals to simulate a synth as well as synths sounding more like the xylophone. It’s a gentle song that builds to a triumphant punch. Enjoy!

To download this track from the artist, click here.


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