Tiger Blood – graves & MYRNE

January 18, 2016


Chill trap is one of those fascinating and lovely genre mashups that have arisen in today’s world of home production. While trap started out as a rather aggressive-sounding subgenre of hip hop, it caught on and exploded in the EDM community. Artists like graves and MYRNE take trap a whole new direction by adding elements from different electronic genres. “Tiger Blood” is nowhere near as aggressive as its title might suggest, filled with positive treble synths that would be just as comfortable in an electro house tune. The track features some flourishes that hint of tropical sound and others that suggest wonder, or magic. This song features an undeniably trap beat, with all the 808s, snaps, and rhythms you would expect from a trap tune, but with a far more whimsical and light, airy feel to it. Give it a listen!

To download this track from the artist, click here.



  1. Many many steps in this one!

    • =) Oh good

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