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perfecto. (ft. Daniela Andrade) – ayo. + disfnk

January 29, 2016

Daniela Andrade

Here’s a good one. It’s a short one but it’s too perfect not to share. Cousins ayo. and .disfnk collaborated to chop and screw this cover of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” by Daniela Andrade. The cover is a simple one; acoustic guitar and sweet soft vocals. The remix is another matter, featuring trap rhythms, downtempo, and layered synth lines. Added reverb and distance to the voice gives the song a dreamy feel while the acoustic guitar seems somehow fogged by time. When brought to the fore of the remix the guitar becomes an accent to the rhythm, a flare of attitude. It’s a complex song for all that it’s not even two minutes long. As my grandfather would have said, “It’s wonderful, what there was of it.”

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Make Me Fade – Vanic X K.Flay

January 27, 2016


Ok you had better know this song by now. I’m blogging it because it’s wonderful and free. If you haven’t heard this yet, consider it required listening. Vanic has been making waves with his production and K.Flay has been making a name for herself as a vocal talent, but I think I first heard of both of them with this collaboration last year. This track presents both in the best possible light. K.Flay’s distinctive alto takes turns flirting with rap, throatily talk-singing, before committing fully to more traditional crooning, reverb pushed way up. Beneath the vocals, Vanic’s instrumental is catchy, layering a trap drum rhythm with a simple piano hook and a simple whistling synth line. This unobtrusive yet rather catchy, instrumental breaks into the foreground and presents an impressive and distinctive hook with a sliding treble synth. A liberal use of reverb gives the hook a massive feel. I’m sure it will stay a favorite for quite some time.

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Alone (Vague WaveEdit) – Trampled By Turtles

January 25, 2016

Trampled By Turtles

Trample By Turtles is a well respected folk group that many of my friends are very enthusiastic about. So when I saw a remix of their music I was doubly intrigued. Vague Wave‘s take on this song is lovely. They preserve a ton of the instrumentation from the original: banjo, fiddle, etc. These act as the intro to their amped up synths and the build to their drops. I was very impressed by how well the two styles meshed. Vague Wave uses a bit of bass to back the mandolin (Maybe mandolin? Could be a bouzouki or even a banjo, my ear for folk instruments is pretty basic) and adds claps to build, transitioning seamlessly from the original to an entirely new and electronic hook. The new hook features sped up and chopped vocals to simulate a synth as well as synths sounding more like the xylophone. It’s a gentle song that builds to a triumphant punch. Enjoy!

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Cry Me A River (Deficio Remix) – Justin Timberlake

January 22, 2016

Justin Timberlake

You know what’s a wonderful asset to music? Nostalgia. I myself have a folder of nostalgia playlists, and my favorite is the “Remixed Nostalgia” playlist. When done well, a remix of a classic song packs a double punch. The new instrumentation provides exciting sound and hooks while being enhanced by virtue of being familiar and already loved. It’s essentially the same process that movie producers are betting on when they fund sequels and reboots, the logic being: if people like it already, they’ll probably like it again. In music, this philosophy excites me; I’m always eager to listen to a new remix of an old song and see what exciting take another artist has on it. Perhaps this is the attitude I should adopt for movies, though more often than not I am filled with caution and skepticism.

In the case of this remix, there is no need for wariness. Deficio embraces the soul of Justin Timberlake’s original song “Cry Me A River” and updates its instrumental, increasing the pace a bit, and adding new synths to carry the familiar tune. There’s more bass and variety to the instrumental of the remix, assuring the listener that this is no one trick pony. While all the verses are no longer in place, the nostalgic vocal hooks are kept, polished up, and featured. Enjoy the new polish on this old favorite.

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Revive – Coyote Kisses

January 20, 2016

Coyote Kisses

Coyote Kisses makes some of the best whimsical dance music out there.  This song exudes relaxation, from its big, slow, scooping synth chords to its laid back rhythm borrowing from the trap tradition. The vocal samples in this song are chopped and realigned nicely, some used essentially as synths and others featured more traditionally as vocals. While I can’t be sure if all of the samples come from the same place, they’re definitely sampling Selena Gomez’s “na na na na”s in “Come & Get It.” The end result is a richly relaxing soundscape populated with engaging pieces.

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Tiger Blood – graves & MYRNE

January 18, 2016


Chill trap is one of those fascinating and lovely genre mashups that have arisen in today’s world of home production. While trap started out as a rather aggressive-sounding subgenre of hip hop, it caught on and exploded in the EDM community. Artists like graves and MYRNE take trap a whole new direction by adding elements from different electronic genres. “Tiger Blood” is nowhere near as aggressive as its title might suggest, filled with positive treble synths that would be just as comfortable in an electro house tune. The track features some flourishes that hint of tropical sound and others that suggest wonder, or magic. This song features an undeniably trap beat, with all the 808s, snaps, and rhythms you would expect from a trap tune, but with a far more whimsical and light, airy feel to it. Give it a listen!

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Smoke Filled Room (Elephante Remix) – Mako

January 15, 2016


Every so often my friends and I pick a theme and each contribute five songs to make a collaborative playlist. Recently I made a year in retrospect playlist with some friends and was introduced to this gorgeous song. Mako makes some glorious music on their own. Elephante took this track and took it to a new level filled with euphoric synths and some new rhythms to emphasize builds and lyrics. This track soars, hopeful and triumphant, excited and bright-eyed. Enjoy the good vibes.

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