Do You? – TroyBoi

December 30, 2015


TroyBoi makes some of the sexiest music I’ve ever heard. He knows exactly what to do with bass. If you’ve never heard of him before you need to fix that, starting right here with “Do You?” Right from the beginning, the ominous guitar opening lets you know something epic is about to happen. Then the wind builds and the song drops with a voice asking “Do you love me?” Now this voice is not lovesick. If anything, it keeps to that almost ominous quality of the opening, more obsession than love. At this point an incredible bass line takes the fore and with it our collective breath. It becomes an unsettling but riveting song, filled with deep melodic bass and crisp trap 808s. My only gripe is the sample that cuts in periodically, leaving the bass behind for an almost out of tune violin line. Despite the questionable musicality of this choice, thematically it keeps the tension high and the song unnerving. Now I don’t want you to get the idea that this song is somehow not enjoyable, because it is brilliant. You have to listen to fully understand.

To download this song from the artist, click here.

Now I can’t leave you with just one song from this master of bass. So here’s a bonus. In “No Substitute” he has teamed up with Y.A.S to add some sultry vocals to his signature trap and bass take on R&B. Once again, TroyBoi opens in an unsettled minimal aesthetic; four simple notes on a keyboard set the stage for Y.A.S’s expression of desire, of craving. Enjoy the atmosphere.

This track was released for free long enough ago that the official download link redirects, but I found half a dozen different websites offering downloads, so if you have to have it, you should have no worries.


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