Indigo – Subtact

December 18, 2015


Last night I dreamt of blogging music. But I haven’t in so long, due to the cumulative effects of a slow host with slow plugins making my blog unbearably slow. But I remembered I still had this blog, hosted by WordPress, from when I was first starting out. Maybe I can give this another shot.

So here goes. This has been one of my favorite songs of 2015. I first came across “Indigo” on Vine (I know, a strange place to find music, but there it is) and I immediately had to have it. Subtact has made one of the happiest, most sweetly triumphant songs I have ever heard. Starting out strong with a simple and catchy bass line, this song is topped by some chopped and likely pitched vocal samples. This almost always grabs my attention. Then lovely treble synth comes in a gives us a melody. Subtact chooses a trap beat for this track without any of the aggressive, ominous feelings that often accompany trap. In fact, he seems to be bringing elements of happy hardcore to the table. While the beat is decidedly trap, the vocals and melody are far more euphoric and innocent. This is a song that can always make me smile. Enjoy it.

To download this song from the artist, click here.


One comment

  1. […] track that became a favorite of mine this year. I’ve placed it in a playlist, along with Subtact’s “Indigo,” that I call “Improve” because it’s supposed to improve my mood. […]

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