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Do You? – TroyBoi

December 30, 2015


TroyBoi makes some of the sexiest music I’ve ever heard. He knows exactly what to do with bass. If you’ve never heard of him before you need to fix that, starting right here with “Do You?” Right from the beginning, the ominous guitar opening lets you know something epic is about to happen. Then the wind builds and the song drops with a voice asking “Do you love me?” Now this voice is not lovesick. If anything, it keeps to that almost ominous quality of the opening, more obsession than love. At this point an incredible bass line takes the fore and with it our collective breath. It becomes an unsettling but riveting song, filled with deep melodic bass and crisp trap 808s. My only gripe is the sample that cuts in periodically, leaving the bass behind for an almost out of tune violin line. Despite the questionable musicality of this choice, thematically it keeps the tension high and the song unnerving. Now I don’t want you to get the idea that this song is somehow not enjoyable, because it is brilliant. You have to listen to fully understand.

To download this song from the artist, click here.

Now I can’t leave you with just one song from this master of bass. So here’s a bonus. In “No Substitute” he has teamed up with Y.A.S to add some sultry vocals to his signature trap and bass take on R&B. Once again, TroyBoi opens in an unsettled minimal aesthetic; four simple notes on a keyboard set the stage for Y.A.S’s expression of desire, of craving. Enjoy the atmosphere.

This track was released for free long enough ago that the official download link redirects, but I found half a dozen different websites offering downloads, so if you have to have it, you should have no worries.


Ghost Assassin VIP – Maduk ft. Veela

December 28, 2015


Maduk made this song a few years ago and has revisited it a few times since to add to and tweak it a bit. I heard the VIP (variation in production) first, and it’s still my favorite version of this song. Showcasing Veela‘s gorgeous vocals and backed by a quietly urgent DnB drumroll, this song starts out strong and stays strong. In a lot of Drum & Bass tracks you can mostly ignore the lyrics and not lose much of anything, but not in this track. These lyrics are geek poetry. Now I don’t play StarCraft, but these lyrics excite the SciFi geek inside me regardless, of the origins. Just listen and you’ll see what I mean. The lyrics make this song whole and wholly great.

To download this song from the artist, click the download arrow above, or go to SoundCloud to download.


Priorities – OHD

December 25, 2015

Alan Watts

“Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.” OHD opens their track, “Priorities,” with this lovely quote from Alan Watts. As the intro finishes, horns take the fore and lead a relaxed, jazzy track with a simple hip hop drum beat. The piano gets its time in the spotlight before returning to the repetition of the core of the song. This song is entirely instrumental apart from the voice of Alan Watts, and it works. It’s a wonderfully relaxed song that is easy to sink into and enjoy.

After considerable searching, I’ve concluded that OHD no longer exists. I found YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud accounts all with similar 404 messages of no longer being active. I feel like if they had decided to change names, they wouldn’t have simply deactivated their accounts. As it is, I’m using a version of the song rehosted by Holy Chill, where you can find lots of other excellent chill music.

To download the track from Holy Chill, click here.


Firefly – Submatik

December 23, 2015


“Firefly” is another track that became a favorite of mine this year. I’ve placed it in a playlist, along with Subtact’s “Indigo,” that I call “Improve” because it’s supposed to improve my mood. Submatik‘s track is easily labeled Drum & Bass, sporting the signature drum beat of that genre. But it also features a very active treble and mid-range melody that feels hopeful, like a fresh start, a sunrise, a hiker reaching the crest. Apart from the melody there’s a supporting synth line that pulses with the beat and interweaves, taking turns, with a quieter synth that pulses slower, evoking foghorns or distant sirens. Atop it all are a sprinkling of chopped vocal “oh”s and “ah”s. It’s a beautiful track.

To download this song from the artist, click here.


Mountains (ft. Diamond Eyes) – Said The Sky

December 21, 2015


Said The Sky is a new favorite of mine. I think the first track of his that I ever heard was “Run Away,” and its soaring beauty captured my attention and blew me away. “Mountains” is his latest offering, dropped last week, and its sweeping euphoric sound is everything I could hope for. Starting out with a playful synth, the song quickly introduces gorgeous male vocals from Diamond Eyes, who takes delight in each vowel, and shares that delight with us. Soon the track rises to a climactic drop of euphoric synths and a beat evoking Drum & Bass at a slightly slower pace. It’s a magnificent song and well worth your time. Give it a listen!

To download this track from the artist, click here.


Indigo – Subtact

December 18, 2015


Last night I dreamt of blogging music. But I haven’t in so long, due to the cumulative effects of a slow host with slow plugins making my blog unbearably slow. But I remembered I still had this blog, hosted by WordPress, from when I was first starting out. Maybe I can give this another shot.

So here goes. This has been one of my favorite songs of 2015. I first came across “Indigo” on Vine (I know, a strange place to find music, but there it is) and I immediately had to have it. Subtact has made one of the happiest, most sweetly triumphant songs I have ever heard. Starting out strong with a simple and catchy bass line, this song is topped by some chopped and likely pitched vocal samples. This almost always grabs my attention. Then lovely treble synth comes in a gives us a melody. Subtact chooses a trap beat for this track without any of the aggressive, ominous feelings that often accompany trap. In fact, he seems to be bringing elements of happy hardcore to the table. While the beat is decidedly trap, the vocals and melody are far more euphoric and innocent. This is a song that can always make me smile. Enjoy it.

To download this song from the artist, click here.