Often (Kygo Remix) – The Weeknd

August 18, 2014

Kygo in Amsterdam
It has been a while! Sorry about the lack of content folks. I’ve been very busy going from event to festival to festival and back again, meeting amazing people and hearing great music. Here’s a song that a friend of mine has decided speaks to them and their festival-filled summer. I can certainly see the appeal. Kygo gave the Weeknd some prime treatment in this remix of “Often”. This track is smooth and sexy, just the way the Weeknd should sound. With a casual percussion section led by snaps and intermittent 808 rolls, the remix feels laidback but watchful, filled with nervous energy. The Weeknd leads the song with his trademarked juxtaposition of honey-sweet vocals singing about the grittier situations that complement the traditionally saccharine R&B love stories. The lyrics declare that he does this often and evoke the devil’s smile of experience. It’s a seductive song, and Kygo’s instrumental sets the mood perfectly. Enjoy it.

Often (Kygo Remix) – The Weeknd / Or from Facebook


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