Free Falling (Tropical Mojito Remix) – Matoma & Nelsaan

July 7, 2014

Art for Matoma & Nelsaan's remix of 'Free Falling'
Good Monday everyone! I had an awesome week of vacation in Boston last week thanks to some amazing friends. In that time, I’ve also managed to find time to download copious amounts of free music. This one just jumped out at me minutes ago while listening to Fist In The Air‘s playlist here. It truly belongs in every summer mix you put together. Matoma and fellow Norwegian producer Nelsaan teamed up to remix John Mayer’s cover of “Free Falling”. Mayer’s voice is spun sugar and Matoma and Nelson’s summer-y instrumental turn this track into cotton candy. The synths are tropical and the hook makes you want to sway on the beach holding an alcoholic beverage with a little pink umbrella sticking out of it in your hand. Simply beautiful. I hope this brings a tranquil smile to your face as you start out the week. Happy summer!

Free Falling (Tropical Mojito Remix) – Matoma & Nelsaan / Or from Facebook


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