Breathe & Stop (Cheapshot Remix) – Q-Tip

July 2, 2014

DJ Cheapshot
DJ Cheapshot dropped this remix months ago but in those months I’ve never stopped liking it. As time has passed I’ve come to appreciate it more and more. It opens with an incredibly engaging hook. The synth line is arresting, swelling and falling in volume noticeably with every attack and release of each note. It some how emotes nostalgia, or a triumph tinged with sadness, a triumph that was only achieved at the cost of loss. It feels happy with an edge of the bittersweet. And that’s just the first three seconds. The remix brings Q-Tip’s original vocals to the fore but frames them with a melody using a simple and subtle bass line. Cheapshot drops the melody briefly, referencing the sound of the original song, whose instrumental was almost without melody. Even then Cheapshot’s influence is clear in the natural sound of the drum and hand claps that make up the percussion section of the remix. This song brings an incredible amount in a short span of time. Enjoy it.

Breathe & Stop (Cheapshot Remix) – Q-Tip / Or from SoundCloud


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