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Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Just A Gent Remix) – Tears For Fears

July 25, 2014

Art for 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'
Remember the classic Tears For Fears song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”? Well Just A Gent remixed it about a month ago and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. It has an amazing hook that drops from a simple build into a vast sense of release and striding forward. It’s incredibly satisfying. The remix is well paced, dropping back to the verses with a touch of reverb before building up to another incredible drop which adds a treble synth to lead the way. This song is inspiring. Enjoy this song and have a great weekend!

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Just A Gent Remix) – Tears For Fears / Or from Facebook


All I Want (Manila Killa Remix) – Dawn Golden

July 23, 2014

Manila Killa
Happy birthday Manila Killa! You make awesome music and give us the gift of this remix on your birthday. How nice is that? Dawn Golden’s track “All I Want” is given a beautiful new instrumental, turning it from a song filled with longing but also a sense of defeat into a song with dreamy vocals cut through with a clarion call to action. The sleepy vocals meet an incredible set of synth lines, one piping call that promises more to come, simple powerful progressing chords, and a beautiful staccato hook that hints at tropical dance. So listen to this and think a happy birthday toward Manila Killa!

All I Want (Manila Killa Remix) – Dawn Golden / Or from Facebook


Uma (Jenaux Remix) – Panama Wedding

July 16, 2014

It’s been a busy and tiring week so far. Here’s to hump day! Only two more days until the weekend. Here’s a song that really recharges me. Jenaux‘s remix of Panama Wedding’s “Uma” is smooth and crescendos in gorgeous swells that sooth just like the vocals. The chorus features vocal harmony that truly brings a sense of harmony to the listener. The original of this song features a much more staccato instrumental, creating a counterpoint to the smoothness of the vocals. Jenaux takes this song and pushes the instrumental in a smoother direction. He turns it into something entirely dreamy, yet filled with incredible energy. After the first chorus Jenaux turns the track into a bouncing house hook while retaining a blurred beauty. Listen to it for yourself!

Uma (Jenaux Remix) – Panama Wedding / Or from SoundCloud


Ride Wit Me (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) – Nelly

July 11, 2014

Viceroy has sort of cornered the market on making remixes that are simultaneously nostalgic and summer-y. This time he’s outdone himself. His “Jet Life” remix of Nelly’s classic “Ride Wit Me” is simply perfect. The new instrumental features a simple addictive bass line and a very organic drum line. The syncopated treble keyboard chords flavor the verses with a tropical sound. The vocals are highlighted in the best possible way, the instrumental simple but exciting. The real excitement builds with the chorus as Viceroy as adds a sliding electronic treble line. It sounds like an electro synth used with tropical sensibilities. This is just the song to get you in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend!

Ride Wit Me (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) – Nelly / Or from Facebook


Little Bandit – The Heydaze

July 9, 2014

The Heydaze
We’ve had a lot of electronic dance music on here lately, not that I object, but I thought I’d throw a bone to anyone who wants something a bit more traditional. How about some summer-y pop rock? I was also introduced to The Heydaze in Fist In The Air’s summer playlist. After hearing a cover of theirs I had to listen to everything else they’ve made. It is all excellent. “Little Bandit” has swiftly become my favorite of their songs. It’s a charming song about falling for someone determined on stealing your heart. Accompanying the cute lyrics is an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, and a keyboard that might double as drumkit. Together they make a swaying summer instrumental. The lyrics are surprisingly mournful for the level of cuteness and cheerfulness in the sound. This may be borrowed from the ska tradition along with some of the summer-y guitar sections that approach reggae. Give it a listen and enjoy a mid-week break.

Little Bandit – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook

BONUS: Here’s the cover that I heard first. The Heydaze’s take on Tove Lo’s song “Habits” is fairly bare bones, starting out with nothing but acoustic guitar, snaps, and vocals. Yet it is engaging, adding instruments and crescendoing with the powerful lyrics of the hook. I’m not done enjoying variations on this song yet which is funny considering I find the original rather boring. I guess it had enough potential to captivate other musicians. The sentiment of the hook is an oldie but a goodie, that of drowning your sorrows. If you’re interested in a more EDM style version of this, check out Keys N Krates’s version here. Enjoy the song and have a great rest of the week!

Habits (Stay High) – The Heydaze / Or from Facebook


Free Falling (Tropical Mojito Remix) – Matoma & Nelsaan

July 7, 2014

Art for Matoma & Nelsaan's remix of 'Free Falling'
Good Monday everyone! I had an awesome week of vacation in Boston last week thanks to some amazing friends. In that time, I’ve also managed to find time to download copious amounts of free music. This one just jumped out at me minutes ago while listening to Fist In The Air‘s playlist here. It truly belongs in every summer mix you put together. Matoma and fellow Norwegian producer Nelsaan teamed up to remix John Mayer’s cover of “Free Falling”. Mayer’s voice is spun sugar and Matoma and Nelson’s summer-y instrumental turn this track into cotton candy. The synths are tropical and the hook makes you want to sway on the beach holding an alcoholic beverage with a little pink umbrella sticking out of it in your hand. Simply beautiful. I hope this brings a tranquil smile to your face as you start out the week. Happy summer!

Free Falling (Tropical Mojito Remix) – Matoma & Nelsaan / Or from Facebook


Breathe & Stop (Cheapshot Remix) – Q-Tip

July 2, 2014

DJ Cheapshot
DJ Cheapshot dropped this remix months ago but in those months I’ve never stopped liking it. As time has passed I’ve come to appreciate it more and more. It opens with an incredibly engaging hook. The synth line is arresting, swelling and falling in volume noticeably with every attack and release of each note. It some how emotes nostalgia, or a triumph tinged with sadness, a triumph that was only achieved at the cost of loss. It feels happy with an edge of the bittersweet. And that’s just the first three seconds. The remix brings Q-Tip’s original vocals to the fore but frames them with a melody using a simple and subtle bass line. Cheapshot drops the melody briefly, referencing the sound of the original song, whose instrumental was almost without melody. Even then Cheapshot’s influence is clear in the natural sound of the drum and hand claps that make up the percussion section of the remix. This song brings an incredible amount in a short span of time. Enjoy it.

Breathe & Stop (Cheapshot Remix) – Q-Tip / Or from SoundCloud