Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion

June 20, 2014

Hyperbits - photo by Chaz Bademan Photography
I’m going to see Hyperbits tonight! For reference, I’ve blogged his music previously here and here. His latest release was this remix of “Caaalifornia” by French Horn Rebellion two months ago. It starts out with a fade in, but with a chopped quality of sound you expect to hear when speaking into an electric fan. The beat enters and and builds before dropping out to allow the vocals to start off. Hyperbits highlights the chorus before dropping in a synth melody as his own hook. This time the build rises and drops into a happy house track. The word “California” is just so musical that it’s easy to hang a hook around it. Why do you think there are so many songs with California in the chorus? Hyperbits’ remix is very expressive, exuding feelings of summer and longing. And in case none of the melody, hooks, or emotions of this remix impress you, note just how incredibly different the original of this song is from Hyperbits’ version. His version is radically different yet entirely engaging and with casually perfect musical flow. Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion / Or from Facebook


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