When You Do Things Right – nimino

June 13, 2014

art for nimino
Many EDM artists have determined that for their songs to be epic they need to be loud and in your face. Get ready for something that has mastered being epic without jumping the shark in such a Skrillexian fashion. nimino‘s track “When You Do Things Right” is incredibly intense, starting a bit unfocused but sharpening and swelling in energy to the very end. Instead of using some heavily synthesized hook, nimino uses a synth that sounds a bit like cowbells to create an incredible house hook. He samples a line of the Beatles’ vocals to start the song in a dreamy fashion. To set the stage for the drop, nimino uses a vocal sample of God from Futurama. When the song seems to have trouble building any more energy, nimino adds a sample of the Pharcyde and the track is golden. Check it out!

When You Do Things Right (Original Mix) – nimino / Or from Facebook

BONUS: Here’s another track from nimino that I’ve fallen in love with. This one is much chiller than the previous. It exudes summer. Starting with dampened synths, this track soon establishes itself, following gently sped up vocals with a catchy, casual bass line. Then dreamy male vocals join the track to sing slowly. This track would fit nicely at a relaxed poolside event. Give it a listen.

A Different You ft Alex Larsson – nimino / Or from Facebook


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