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Novocaine (Ryon Lawford Remix) – Edon

June 27, 2014

Ryon Lawford has a talent for turning pop songs into incredible EDM tracks. When remixing songs he tends to preserve vocal hooks so he can focus on creating a new instrumental track. That’s exactly what he does with Edon’s emotional pop song “Novocaine”. In the original Edon’s vocals are slower paced and backed almost entirely by keyboard. Ryon Lawford brings Edon’s vocals up to a faster pace and slaps an incredible EDM track underneath it. He uses the piano hook that Edon used but adds layers of electro bass, chopped and screwed vocal rage, a house beat, and some mid-range synths turning it into a song with an incredible pop flavor that you can dance to with no regrets. Perfect for a Friday. Enjoy it!

Novocaine (Ryon Lawford Remix) – Edon / Or from Facebook


Words (Glastrophobie Remix) – Anna Graceman

June 24, 2014

Glastrophobie's art for 'Words'
I stumbled across Glastrophobie the other week while browsing through SoundCloud, and I’m very pleased I did. The German producer makes consistently good, chilled out, deep house music, remixing mostly acoustic-based pop rock songs featuring female vocals. His remix of Anna Graceman’s acoustic version of “Words” is gentle and adds elements slowly, building toward the back beat of house. Glastrophobie preserves Graceman’s piano, distorting the sound just a bit, while letting her vocals shine through. The lyrics are sad and sweet and the tune is beautiful. The remix is minimal but adds just enough to dance to and to play on the emotions the vocals stir. Enjoy.

Words (Glastrophobie Remix) – Anna Graceman / Or from Facebook


Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion

June 20, 2014

Hyperbits - photo by Chaz Bademan Photography
I’m going to see Hyperbits tonight! For reference, I’ve blogged his music previously here and here. His latest release was this remix of “Caaalifornia” by French Horn Rebellion two months ago. It starts out with a fade in, but with a chopped quality of sound you expect to hear when speaking into an electric fan. The beat enters and and builds before dropping out to allow the vocals to start off. Hyperbits highlights the chorus before dropping in a synth melody as his own hook. This time the build rises and drops into a happy house track. The word “California” is just so musical that it’s easy to hang a hook around it. Why do you think there are so many songs with California in the chorus? Hyperbits’ remix is very expressive, exuding feelings of summer and longing. And in case none of the melody, hooks, or emotions of this remix impress you, note just how incredibly different the original of this song is from Hyperbits’ version. His version is radically different yet entirely engaging and with casually perfect musical flow. Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

Caaalifornia (Hyperbits Remix) – French Horn Rebellion / Or from Facebook


Suga Suga (Royal Refix) – Baby Bash

June 17, 2014

Baby Bash
Ready for some nostalgia? Remember that old Baby Bash hit “Suga Suga”? Yeah well it’s back with a whole new identity thanks to DC producer Royal. Royal’s latest remix turns that song into something much less pop-y. The “refix” has distinct movements. Royal starts off by turning that thin whining opening synth from the original into a section of its own, backed by claps and drums. When the guitar riff enters, it feels like the Red Hot Chili Peppers have joined the song. Then the vocals join in and it’s clear what song this is. For a dose of nostalgia and a good time, check this out.

Suga Suga (Royal Refix) – Baby Bash / Or from Facebook


When You Do Things Right – nimino

June 13, 2014

art for nimino
Many EDM artists have determined that for their songs to be epic they need to be loud and in your face. Get ready for something that has mastered being epic without jumping the shark in such a Skrillexian fashion. nimino‘s track “When You Do Things Right” is incredibly intense, starting a bit unfocused but sharpening and swelling in energy to the very end. Instead of using some heavily synthesized hook, nimino uses a synth that sounds a bit like cowbells to create an incredible house hook. He samples a line of the Beatles’ vocals to start the song in a dreamy fashion. To set the stage for the drop, nimino uses a vocal sample of God from Futurama. When the song seems to have trouble building any more energy, nimino adds a sample of the Pharcyde and the track is golden. Check it out!

When You Do Things Right (Original Mix) – nimino / Or from Facebook

BONUS: Here’s another track from nimino that I’ve fallen in love with. This one is much chiller than the previous. It exudes summer. Starting with dampened synths, this track soon establishes itself, following gently sped up vocals with a catchy, casual bass line. Then dreamy male vocals join the track to sing slowly. This track would fit nicely at a relaxed poolside event. Give it a listen.

A Different You ft Alex Larsson – nimino / Or from Facebook


Happy (Lenno Remix) – Pharrell Williams

June 11, 2014

Lenno, photo (c) Samu Hintsa
I’ve always found Pharrell Williams to be a rather hit or miss pop artist, and his single “Happy” never really grabbed me, maybe because I wasn’t happy when I first heard it, I don’t know. What I do know is that Lenno‘s remix of it is amazing and makes me very happy indeed. Filled with funk, electric guitar, hand claps, piano, and fun reverb, this remix exudes the atmosphere of a disco dance floor on a hot summer night. Not that it sounds like disco, but you get the idea. The electric guitar dances through scales as the keyboard keeps the chords progressing and the vocals smile slowly and widely at the audience. The only downside to this track is that I will now be actively unhappy whenever I hear the original instead of Lenno’s version. Enjoy it!

Happy (Lenno Remix) – Pharrell Williams / Or from Facebook


Reach – Stereotypical

June 2, 2014

art for 'Reach'
After spending this weekend out and about, first seeing Zomboy then going to a wonderful outdoor rave, I’m in the mood to share some excellent EDM. Stereotypical released the free single “Reach” two months ago and it’s been my go-to happy, chiptune-influenced, electro track of choice. That may sound rather specific but I turned to it quite often. It’s relentlessly optimistic, with a soaring chiptune melody backed by growling electro bass and chopped vocal samples to round it out. It’s sweet, happy, and dance-y in a very innocent and enjoyable way. Check it out!

Reach – Stereotypical