Brighter – The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag & I Am Lightyear

January 27, 2014

artwork for 'Brighter'
The Two Friends are back and today they have something wonderful to share with us all. “Brighter” is a gentle progressive house track that show cases two amazing vocalists, Jeff Sontag and I Am Lightyear. Not enough songs contain paired male and female vocalists any more. If anything, one ends up playing back up vocalist to the other. But in “Brighter” this is a true duet. These vocalists sing to each other. The effect is truly sweet. This song feels happy and cute. I’ve seen artists like We Are The In Crowd and Owl City have success with paired vocals and I’m glad the Two Friends are bringing this in to play. Their instrumental complements the vocals perfectly. With some major quiet sections to set the stage for the vocals as well as some euphoric synths bursting forth, this track is well balanced with a solid hook. The song is hopeful at times and triumphant at others. I can’t get enough. This is the radio edit, but if you’re looking to add this to your sets, or just listen even more, the Facebook download link includes the full version of the song. Enjoy it.

Brighter (Original Mix) [Radio Edit]- The Two Friends ft. Jeff Sontag & I Am Lightyear / Or from Facebook


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