Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LXIX

January 24, 2014

It’s been too long. Far too long. But the time has come. It is now time. For mashups!

Doug Bogan will start us off with his mashup “Theater Kids”. This is one of the most enjoyable versions I’ve heard of MGMT’s “Kids” in ages plus you can dance to it! What’s there to say no to?

Theater Kids – Doug Bogan / Or from Facebook

Next up, Troika takes on “September”, giving it a modern spin. This one is triumphant and has a great start. The intro is mostly vocal and when the synth line drops it feels like the night is starting out right. Enjoy it!

Dancing In September (Troika ‘Reloaded’ Edit) – Troika / Or from Facebook

Now let’s get a little more intense with a track from Poppingmelons. With this beat, we can see just how intense B.o.B. can get. This song may take a little to get past its build but once it gets there, it pounds. This electro coupled with intense bass and a more spare, ominous beat with a hint of trap is the kind of song that crowds get sweaty to. Check it out.

Night Vision (Ethyr x B.o.B. x Fall Out Boy) – Poppingmelons / Or from SoundCloud

Let’s chill out a bit. The Melker Project dropped this pretty little track the other day and it showcases his skills. He recreated Jay-Z’s beat instead of actually sampling it and then went to town. It’s chill and sweet. Give it a listen.

Show Me Pound Cake Ft. Jay-Z, Ellie Goulding, Chris Brown & Kid Ink – The Melker Project / Or from Facebook

“Stay the Night” has been making the rounds and here’s DOSVEC‘s take on it. The trance house synths backing this make me very happy. The understated smoothness is gorgeous and really fills up the space of a room when the vocals drift away. Enjoy this one

Stay The Night (Zedd ft. Hayley Williams vs EDX) – DOSVEC / Or from Facebook

Dave Edwards is rapidly becoming one of my favorite remix artists. His production is happy and always reminds me of summer fun. This remix has that fun production but also pulls from both Daft Punk and Avicii. How’s that for a creative remix? Check it out.

Dear Boy [Dave Edwards Remix] – Avicii x Daft Punk / Or from Facebook

RAGE CANNON brings something epic to share in this song. Although this song is completely instrumental, it is in no way boring. RAGE CANNON draws from different sounds to keep it fresh; prog house, dutch house, electro, techno, and trance to name a few. Now this track may have been taken down, so if people want it gone, send me a message. In the meantime, give it a listen.

Renzokuken the Animal (Razihel x OVERWERK x Milk N Cookies) – RAGE CANNON

Trademark knows how to electrify a crowd. Opening with an incredible vocal hook from Avicii, Trademark then blows the song wide open with epic festial synths. The festival sound continues when the drop takes the song to a big room sound, relying on reverb. It’s huge and exciting. Enjoy it and have an awesome weekend!

Still Believe (Avicii x Tritonal x Martin Garrix x Feri & Multi) – Trademark / Or from Facebook


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