Where’d You Go (Feat. Lisa Bello) – J. Lye

November 26, 2013

J. Lye
J. Lye is back with a powerful song and a video to match. In “Where’d You Go”, J. Lye explores themes of love and loss in breakups and the pain and confusion that surrounds them. In this song, Lye continues to expand his sound by having guest vocalist Lisa Bello perform a sweet hook. The instrumental is mournful with muted synths and drums emphasizing the crispness of Lye’s vocals. If you haven’t heard J. Lye already, this is a good place to start; if you are already a fan then this should be a welcome addition to your library.

Where’d You Go (Feat. Lisa Bello) – J. Lye / Or from SoundCloud

BONUS: J. Lye actually won this music video from KarmaloopTV. Their team put together a music video that emphasizes nostalgia and everything that one misses from the past in a relationship. By using a skin for some of the footage that gave it a date and sense of being home video, the relationship seems very real and poignant. Enjoy the video.


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