Volume 1: Nostalgia [Album] – CJ Trillo

November 11, 2013

Volume 1: Nostalgia artwork
Remember CJ Trillo? Formerly known as Sucka Free CJ? Well you should. He’s back with beautiful hip-hop and you need to listen. His album, “Volume 1: Nostalgia”, is jam-packed with some amazing music. You can listen to the entire album here and you can download it here. If the first two songs of this album don’t hook you, you should get your ears checked!

“Ars Gratia Artis” is the first track of the album and it is gorgeous. Starting out with a sample about how much music and life are inextricable the song builds a gentle electronic beat with accents of piano and hand claps. Trillo tells us how music really is his life and how desperately important it is with effortless eloquence. The hook centers around a beautiful female vocal hook. The song hooked me with every new element it introduced. Check it out!

Ars Gratia Artis (Prod. By Jim I.E.) – CJ Trillo (Ft St. South)

The second track on the album is a bit more aggressive and celebrates hip-hop for its expressive powers. With an up beat backing track, Trillo lays down rapid-fire rap verses that catch the ear and hold it. Enjoy it and listen to the rest of the album already!

Naughty By Nature (Prod. By DJ Kay Gee & Naughty by Nature) – CJ Trillo


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