Northern Lights – Jordan Krawitz

October 29, 2013

A shot of Northern Lights from Jim Henderson and Barcroft Media
Jordan Krawitz released this beautiful trance track last week and it is worth a listen. It’s entirely instrumental, no vocals. And that instrumental is amazing. I can’t imagine a better name for the song. “Northern Lights” fits the electronic sound and the amorphous shifting. While the song starts out with some significant bass and traditional build, it soon reaches a gentler section that I think could be a perfect backing to a prolonged exposure of the ever shifting aurora borealis. The hook is gorgeous, filled with soaring synths that fade in and out of focus and reverb. When they rise to the fore you can imagine lights coming into painful lines of clarity then fading and retreating as the music falls into echoes. The bass never returns and I think the track doesn’t need it. The gorgeous treble and midrange synths are where this song truly shines. Check it out!

Northern Lights – Jordan Krawitz / Or from SoundCloud


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