A Rapid Burst of EDM V

October 22, 2013

Incredible prolonged exposure of a hooper by John Shippee Photography
Wow, time flies when you’re busy! It’s been two months since the last EDM round-up. That seems like too long. So I better get to work!

LeDoom made this fun remix months ago, but I’m new to it and I quite appreciate it. The song highlights playful and catchy vocals as well as a barebones festival beat to break it up. Check it out!

Here To Stay (LeDoom Remix) – Zomboy Feat Lady Chann / Or from SoundCloud

Continuing in the festival theme, Boombox Cartel came out with this “WTF is Festival Trap” remix one month ago. I was enchanted. I love genre bending and I had a sweet tooth for trap for a while, so I was drawn in easily. Want to know what festival trap is? Festival synths with trap style and backbeats. Listen to understand!

Supreme (Boombox Cartel “WTF is Festival Trap” Remix) – Mercer / Or from Facebook

Pegboard Nerds released the Lost Tracks EP at the end of August, and it has some fun stuff on it. “FrainBreeze” is glitch-hop filled with some funky highlights. You can name your own price for the Lost Tracks EP here. Enjoy it!

FrainBreeze – Pegboard Nerds / Or from SoundCloud

Favright shared their music with me in the last month, and I’m pleased they did. They have a complextro sound reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner. That sound shines through in this song and is altogether enjoyable. Give it a listen!

Levitate – Favright / Or from Facebook

Fatwave made this remix for a contest. While they did not win the contest, they made one great song, which they decided to share with their fans for free. After a minute of fairly standard intro, the beat drops out and the vocals shine atop a distant synth and clap. The song builds to a beautiful crescendo and then becomes a very barebones festival hook. Check it out!

Escape (Fatwave Remix) – 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights / Or from Facebook

Bamboora and Odd Job teamed up to put this prog/electro/big room track together. The hook features an addictive synth and infectious tune, before dropping into a foot stomping electro section. Enjoy it!

As Of Now (Original Mix) – Bamboora & Odd Job / Or from Facebook

Last week Vicetone released this sleek remix. The hook is simply irresistible prog house. Give it a listen!

New Kings ft. Luciana (Radio Mix) – Vicetone vs Popeska / Or from Facebook

Dave Edwards remixed this song at the beginning of the month, and it has several movements to it. There’s the casual guitar riff that intros the vocals. Then there’s the gorgeous electro-pop synth hook, chords reminiscent of the tropics though undeniably electric. To tie these two sections together, there’s a simple yet clear set of keyboard tones to overlap with both sections and sparkle with an added synth topping. Check it out!

Need U (100%) [Dave Edwards Remix] – Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E / Or from Facebook

BONUS: And here’s the terrific instrumental that Dave Edwards put together for the remix above. On its own, it is ready to go for any mashup purposes (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Enjoy it!

Need U (100%) [Dave Edwards Inst] – Duke Dumont feat A-M-E / Or from SoundCloud


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