Kids Still ft. Phillip Hartley – Beyond Modern

October 10, 2013

Beyond Modern
Beyond Modern describes “Still Kids” as “a Drum&Bass infused hip-hop record inspired by Queen”. If that doesn’t immediately capture your entire attention, you must be very different than me. Their sound engineer, Top Secret, put together an amazing beat for them and they rocked it. The song is backed by a synth line that shifts between glitchy squeaky sounds and more traditional techno sound, maintaining the tune. The drum line shifts between a kick and clap sound that is vaguely evocative of “We Will Rock You”, a beat that sounds exactly like the Queen song, and a drum and bass line toned down to showcase the vocals. Meanwhile the vocals shift from chanting, rapping, and a dramatic style of singing for the hook. This song is the real deal, with top notch production and engaging vocals. Check it out!

Kids Still ft. Phillip Hartley – Beyond Modern / Or from SoundCloud


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