One More Day – The ERAera

October 9, 2013

The ERAera album art
The ERAera join a growing group of amazing artists who I have learned of through email submissions. I love getting email submissions because I find music I never would have heard otherwise. “One More Day” showcases a pop-y, happy, and well-produced sound. With smoothed out vocal tones, this song opens with an almost Black Eyed Peas vibe. The background is of a rapid synth line reminiscent of a fast guitar riff and a fast drum beat. This drives the sugary sweet vocals forward and gives the lyrics a cheerful, warm glow as they ask to stay one more day. The lyrics thread the needle of happiness describing support of a loved one through good and bad. The vocals sing sweet harmonies and the background toys with electronic dance synths as well as more traditional drum sounds. The instrumental background is worth paying attention to, especially when it breaks from the back to take the fore and alludes to other genres. All in all I would call this a pop song, yet they play with genre subtly, keeping this a very interesting song. Check it out!

One More Day – The ERAera / Or from SoundCloud


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