Feisty (Blue Satellite Remix) – Jhameel

October 7, 2013

Blue Satellite
No the album isn’t out yet. But that doesn’t stop exciting music coming from Jhameel. He released the stems to his single “Feisty” and that puts the pressure on someone else. Blue Satellite stepped up to the plate and put together a beautiful remix. As Blue Satellite said, this remix was designed in response to the Michael Jackson-esque sound that Jhameel exuded in “Feisty”. Appropriately, the remix is old style, with simple synth lines backed by a constant disco beat. But don’t think that this makes it boring. Blue Satellite adds spice with little flourishes all throughout the song. Just check out the old school distortions that he puts Jhameel’s vocals through. To top it all off he adds a breakdown with some keyboard vamping and a guitar solo. Hard to say no to that. It’s been a while since the last time I posted a Blue Satellite remix, but I’m glad to be reminded of such a talented artist. Check it out!

Feisty (Blue Satellite Remix) – Jhameel / Or from SoundCloud


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