Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay Cover) – spazzkid

October 3, 2013

spazzkid at work
Everyone remembers Alice DeeJay’s “Better Off Alone”, including, apparently, spazzkid. Today he released a cover of the song which started out as a joke between his girlfriend and him. But it’s grown beyond the joke into a complex and layered song. The lyrics are sung in a dreamier tone than the original but add little to the cover. The selling point of this cover is its beautiful original production. The song is filled with tambourine, claps, and rapid 808s to fill out the beat. Meanwhile steel drums weave in and out of the predominant swelling and lingering techno synths. spazzkid adds a lot to this song and gives it a whole new life. The soundscape is dreamy, suspended between rapid and lazy paces. Check it out!

Better Off Alone (Alice DeeJay Cover) – spazzkid / Or from SoundCloud


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