Jarro ft. The Polish Ambassador – saQi

October 1, 2013

saQi's album art for Quest's End
saQi released his album “Quest’s End” today on the Jumpsuit Record Label. If that sort of rings a bell, that’s because Jumpsuit is the baby of The Polish Ambassador, who has this to say about saQi and the album: “He’s only the 2nd other artist on the label thus far, and will be touring with us this spring. Any fan of the ambassador would dig these enchanting beats and rhythms!” I sure do. “Jarro” starts out sounding like a tune up, or a band practice, all the elements of the song getting rehearsed in the distance at once. At the drop, a bass line guides the way while a plucked string (either guitar or banjo?) line dances about atop the steady drum beat. This builds into an epic and dramatic horn chorus which diminishes to give room for what sounds like a slightly muffled horn solo. Very worth listening to. And saQi gives you many options in listening. You can listen to and download the whole album for free on SoundCloud and for whatever price you choose on BandCamp. Or you can support them by buying the album on iTunes ($9.99) or on Amazon ($8.99). You can also listen to the entire album on Spotify. There are so many ways to enjoy this album that there is no excuse not to. Check it out!

Jarro ft. The Polish Ambassador – saQi / Or from SoundCloud


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