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Northern Lights – Jordan Krawitz

October 29, 2013

A shot of Northern Lights from Jim Henderson and Barcroft Media
Jordan Krawitz released this beautiful trance track last week and it is worth a listen. It’s entirely instrumental, no vocals. And that instrumental is amazing. I can’t imagine a better name for the song. “Northern Lights” fits the electronic sound and the amorphous shifting. While the song starts out with some significant bass and traditional build, it soon reaches a gentler section that I think could be a perfect backing to a prolonged exposure of the ever shifting aurora borealis. The hook is gorgeous, filled with soaring synths that fade in and out of focus and reverb. When they rise to the fore you can imagine lights coming into painful lines of clarity then fading and retreating as the music falls into echoes. The bass never returns and I think the track doesn’t need it. The gorgeous treble and midrange synths are where this song truly shines. Check it out!

Northern Lights – Jordan Krawitz / Or from SoundCloud


Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix) – Daughter

October 25, 2013

Love Thy Brother (I think...)
I’m running late and low on time, so here’s an oldie but a goodie. A year ago Love Thy Brother released a remix of Daughter’s “Youth”. And it is good. While maintaining the beautiful mournful sound of the original, they add an electronic synth that matches the mood and adds a tinge of defiance and a deep growl of dubstep bass to finish it. The result is gorgeous. Enjoy it!

Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix) – Daughter / Or from Facebook


Ridin – JackkSwaGG

October 24, 2013

JackkSwaGG at work
Hailing from Austin, Texas, JackkSwaGG is here to share some amazingly catchy hip-hop. “Ridin” is the song that most caught my ear. First off, his lyrics are backed by an amazingly intense beat filled with 808s and hood-electro synths, produced by R.V.3. The beat alone is brilliant, but JackkSwaGG’s vocals take it to another level. The lyrics revolve around his Chevy, where he raps that he spends much of his time. While his vocals dominate, JackkSwaGG employs a call and response as well as periodic layering with other voices joining his own. This keeps the vocal soundscape very interesting. A quick warning: if you’re not interested in songs filled with curse words, then skip this one. Otherwise, you’d better check this one out!

Ridin – JackkSwaGG / Or from SoundCloud


A Rapid Burst of EDM V

October 22, 2013

Incredible prolonged exposure of a hooper by John Shippee Photography
Wow, time flies when you’re busy! It’s been two months since the last EDM round-up. That seems like too long. So I better get to work!

LeDoom made this fun remix months ago, but I’m new to it and I quite appreciate it. The song highlights playful and catchy vocals as well as a barebones festival beat to break it up. Check it out!

Here To Stay (LeDoom Remix) – Zomboy Feat Lady Chann / Or from SoundCloud

Continuing in the festival theme, Boombox Cartel came out with this “WTF is Festival Trap” remix one month ago. I was enchanted. I love genre bending and I had a sweet tooth for trap for a while, so I was drawn in easily. Want to know what festival trap is? Festival synths with trap style and backbeats. Listen to understand!

Supreme (Boombox Cartel “WTF is Festival Trap” Remix) – Mercer / Or from Facebook

Pegboard Nerds released the Lost Tracks EP at the end of August, and it has some fun stuff on it. “FrainBreeze” is glitch-hop filled with some funky highlights. You can name your own price for the Lost Tracks EP here. Enjoy it!

FrainBreeze – Pegboard Nerds / Or from SoundCloud

Favright shared their music with me in the last month, and I’m pleased they did. They have a complextro sound reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner. That sound shines through in this song and is altogether enjoyable. Give it a listen!

Levitate – Favright / Or from Facebook

Fatwave made this remix for a contest. While they did not win the contest, they made one great song, which they decided to share with their fans for free. After a minute of fairly standard intro, the beat drops out and the vocals shine atop a distant synth and clap. The song builds to a beautiful crescendo and then becomes a very barebones festival hook. Check it out!

Escape (Fatwave Remix) – 3LAU, Paris & Simo feat. Bright Lights / Or from Facebook

Bamboora and Odd Job teamed up to put this prog/electro/big room track together. The hook features an addictive synth and infectious tune, before dropping into a foot stomping electro section. Enjoy it!

As Of Now (Original Mix) – Bamboora & Odd Job / Or from Facebook

Last week Vicetone released this sleek remix. The hook is simply irresistible prog house. Give it a listen!

New Kings ft. Luciana (Radio Mix) – Vicetone vs Popeska / Or from Facebook

Dave Edwards remixed this song at the beginning of the month, and it has several movements to it. There’s the casual guitar riff that intros the vocals. Then there’s the gorgeous electro-pop synth hook, chords reminiscent of the tropics though undeniably electric. To tie these two sections together, there’s a simple yet clear set of keyboard tones to overlap with both sections and sparkle with an added synth topping. Check it out!

Need U (100%) [Dave Edwards Remix] – Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E / Or from Facebook

BONUS: And here’s the terrific instrumental that Dave Edwards put together for the remix above. On its own, it is ready to go for any mashup purposes (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Enjoy it!

Need U (100%) [Dave Edwards Inst] – Duke Dumont feat A-M-E / Or from SoundCloud


All of the People (Savoir Adore Remix) – Panama Wedding

October 18, 2013

Savoir Adore
First off, if you haven’t heard the tropically relaxed song “All of the People” by Panama Wedding, you should check that out first. Now that you’ve done that, it’s time to enjoy Savoir Adore‘s sweet remix of it. They take the Panama Wedding vocals and distort them, raising the pitch and harmonizing it with the original vocals to give it a sweeter sound and then begin the song in earnest. Playing with reverb and echos, this remix preserves most of the original song while adding emphasis to certain points and adding subtle accents to the hook. It’s a gentle remix with surprisingly understated complexity. Check it out!

All of the People (Savoir Adore Remix) – Panama Wedding / Or from SoundCloud


Ice Cream (Radio Edit) – The Two Friends vs. Slow Skies

October 14, 2013

Artwork for Two Friends -  'Ice Cream'
Here’s a fresh one from the Two Friends. This is an official remix of the Icelandic band Slow Skies and it is golden. They feature a lovely prog house hook but they also feature acoustic guitar riffs, vocal sampling of oohs and ahs, orchestral backings, and all while featuring the the original vocals with respect to its quiet beauty. As the Two Friends put it, this is “a bit different than our usual stuff, but we like experimenting.” I think they should keep up the experimenting. This is quite the enjoyable song. It practically has movements as it shifts between quiet backing and prominent vocals to the reverse as it brings the backing to the foreground. It’s quite fun and you should all enjoy it! Check it out!

Ice Cream (Radio Edit) – The Two Friends vs. Slow Skies / Or from Facebook


Passenger Seat – Niqa Mor

October 11, 2013

Niqa Mor
Last month, Niqa Mor released this song and it’s taken me this long to get wise to it. I share it with you now so you don’t have to wait any longer than I did. “Passenger Seat” is a sweet song based around a simple bell synth line over a satisfying hip-hop beat. Niqa Mor’s vocals are the crowning jewel of this song. She sings gorgeous R&B verses accented by touches of harmony. Her lyrics touch on the metaphor of driving through life together, though she hints with the final line that it’s not a simple question of who gets to drive but that partners shelter and drive each other in their cars as needed. It’s a sweet song with beautiful vocals, and a fitting instrumental. Check it out!

Passenger Seat – Niqa Mor / Or from SoundCloud