Hello – Chad Future

September 20, 2013

Chad Future

Besides the numerous English remixes that he has worked on, Chad Future also has a professional music career with his own official tracks! The first anniversary for his official work just past a few days ago, so let’s take a look back at his debut song. Branding his style AKpop (American Kpop), he takes some fun techno beats, tosses in some Korean, stylizes the MV in typical Kpop fashion, and gives us “Hello”. This very much feels like the opposite of what you would usually hear in a Kpop song; while they tend to be mostly Korean with only a tad of English, this is mostly English with some Korean sprinkled in. Reactions were very hit or miss when this dropped, the reasons for which I could fill a whole other blog post with. I don’t really see what the issue is though. This is an exciting track, showcasing his confidence and lyrically acting as an introduction and explaining his mixing of musical styles. I really like what he’s trying to do, too. This provides an interesting twist to the music scene, and if this gets big, who knows what else could happen? While it’s yet to be seen how far this will be taken (he’s only released two official songs, the second of which is completely in English), I’m really looking forward to what else he has to offer. A full album does seem to be in the works according to his tweets, so hopefully we’ll hear more from him in the future! If you’re interested in getting “Hello”, you can find it over at iTunes.


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