On My Own [prod by Dizzy] – Hona Costello

September 17, 2013

Hona Costello
Hona Costello builds this song from the ground up, setting the stage with dramatic opening synths before entering with vocals and building to rapid 808s. This drum line can’t help but remind me of trap, which is sort of reversing causality. Costello’s verses paints a picture of the price of the fight for success, juxtaposed with a mix of true and imagined successes. This is the prototypical song of the struggling artist, chasing success. Costello’s voice is compelling and keeps this song fresh. With a timbre similar to Drake’s lower octaves, Costello raps, sings, and murmurs. The result is a well produced, slick and sleek, radio-ready single. I’m hooked and think you should be too. If you want to show some fiscal support, you can buy this song on BandCamp for what you think is fair. If you can’t afford that right now, he also released it for free. Enjoy it.

On My Own [prod by Dizzy] – Hona Costello / Or from SoundCloud


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