Another Lie – TRAEDONYA!

September 16, 2013

TRAEDONYA! has released her first single from her debut EP “High Fructose Corn Syrup”. “Another Lie” treats on a situation that, sadly, is widely shared by many in relationships. Being lied to in a relationship is always a sad and angering event, but complaining about being lied to is just the tip of the iceberg here. TAEDOONYA is addressing the stress and emotional pain of being treated like you’re crazy for being concerned about it, like you’re being unreasonable for not seeing it their way, like you’re making a big deal out of nothing. This is infuriating, a way to belittle someone and make them doubt themselves. Some call this gaslighting (for more on this, read this article). TRAEDONYA!’s lyrics give an account much like this with a message that she sees what they’re doing and she isn’t going to put up with it. It’s a very cathartic song. It’s sound combines jazz and funk with powerful and versatile vocals that prompted the UK press to call her sound “hipopera”. This song starts out with a lounge singer purr which crescendos to a powerful R&B chorus. Very enjoyable. Check it out!

Another Lie – TRAEDONYA!


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